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Win 5 Bitcoin & 3 CS:GO Skins by Correctly Guessing Winners in the Dreamhack Tournament

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Win 5 bitcoin plus 3 CS:GO skins at Fortunejack
Win 5 bitcoin plus 3 CS:GO skins at Fortunejack

With the start of the ESL's Dreamhack Masters Spring Tournament where a total of 32 teams compete against each other for cash prizes totaling $300,000 another platform known as Fortunejack casino is hosting their own tournament, absolutely free to join and is paying a grand prize of 5 Bitcoin plus 3 CS:GO Skins.

To enter the FortuneJack contest just sign up here and put in your entries for the 24 teams competing. The contest starts May 19th - May 30th. The player who guesses all teams outcomes correctly get the 5 Bitcoin prize and the three runner ups with the most points get a new CS:GO skins.

CS:GO skins prizes for Dreamhack spring contest
CS:GO Skins Prizes

Fortunejack states: " Predicting all 24 games results in a Grand Prize of 5BTC. Guessing the outcome of 1 game equals 1 point and 3 players with the most points will get the Skins.

If 2 or more players will have the same amount of points by the end of the tournament, the winner between them will be crowned according to the correctly predicted match scores."

What is Tie Breaker: all users have to predict exact score of each match result, If few users have same points in leaderboard, user which predicted more correct scores will be the winner.

Fortunejack casino is a well established licensed crypto casino since 2014. They offer a huge suite of games which include - 100's of slots, live tables, Provably Fair games like dice, Plinko, mines, & Hi-Lo. With eight cryptocurrencies accepted to play their games you can be sure you will have a great time on this platform.

Also Fortunejack is currently in the process of redesigning their new website which is in beta still but open to any players who want to try it.

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