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Try the New Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Introducing a fairly new Casino, which is a Provably Fair gaming platform with a variety of entertaining games. complete transparency for their players, 24/7 live support, unlimited faucet, multi-channel chatroom with rain, and even Instant Deposits & Withdrawals and just a 1% house edge. It's become clear why everyone loves to play here. Luckyfish Casino has been serving players since 2017, since then they have established themselves as a top competing business in the gaming market. In the last 6 months alone there popularity has grown tremendously with hundreds or players on a daily basis. Offering a selection of games which includes some of the hottest in the casino market such as Classic Dice, Crash, Roulette, a Dogecoin inspired PvP Texas Hold'em Poker, Slots, Video Poker, Plinko, Mines plus new games put out on a regular basis.


The casino is supported on all devices whether your using a desktop or mobile device. They also offer their very own app which can be downloaded right from their website making your mobile gaming experience superb. What's better, players can play with over 30 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Stellar and even USDT among many others. All deposits and withdrawals are totally instant so there is no wait times to start playing their exciting games. Once your ready to withdraw your winnings, no matter the amount, all withdrawals are sent instantly and will be in your wallet within 15 - 30 minutes. Luckyfish also offers players unlimited faucet claims in all available cryptocurrencies. This gives players, especially new players, a chance to play and test out their games before you make a deposit. This is a great feature they offer because you rarely see this kind of generosity at any other gaming website.

luckyfish casino's game selection overview
luckyfish casino's game selection includes games like classic dice, crash, keno, plinko poker and more

(Update: Texas hold em tables have been taken down so Luckyfish can focus on other aspects of their casino)

As your winning the big bucks on the Texas Hold'em tables be sure to chat with your fellow players in their muli-language chat rooms. There you can make new friends, send & receive tips, get free rain drops (cryptocurrency) plus other cool features. More importantly, if your having an issue or maybe you just have a question or concern, ask your fellow players but if they can't help then head over to the casinos friendly live support, available 24/7. Their professional support team can help with any issues you might have. On top of that, the casino also has a telegram channel where you can chat with staff and even the owner of the casino. How great is that, certainly a nice bonus to have.


When it comes to transparency, Luckyfish takes this matter very seriously to ensure a fair gaming experience for the players. In an effort to provide an honest and fair platform, each game is operated with a Provably Fair algorithm which ensures the casino can not control or manipulate the outcome of any bets made by the players. Every bet can be checked and verified right on the website or any 3rd party website with the same parameters by any player that wants to ensure its accuracy. Here I will explain how Probably Fair works and l show you an example of how to check and verify a bet on Luckyfish. With every bet a player makes on there are three important variables, which creates a Provably Fair outcome.

These variables include:

  • Client seed - provided by the player either randomly or manually

  • Server seed - provided by the casino, the player does not know what the server seed is until a new server seed is created and the old seed is revealed

  • Nonce - a number attached to the client seed which increases with each bet made i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc…

Here you can see a bet made by a player who is playing dice. The roll was a loss as they rolled a 38.87

player has rolled a 38 on classic dice on luckyfish casino
here you can open game info in your bet history on luckyfish casino

To verify this bet all we need to do is check our bet history and click on the specific bet. From there you click the "verify" tab and you will see all three variables (client seed, server seed, nonce) displayed on the website. You must change your seed in order to reveal the server seed that was associated with the bet in question. With all variables, we are now ready to check for verification.

luckyfish bet verification info
luckyfish bet verification info

I would also just like to point out the importance of the Nonce variable because without this, the casino would not be truly provably Fair and the bets can be manipulated after the first bet is placed. As you can see however, Luckyfish has the Nonce factor incorporated in there algorithm which ensures a Fair outcome each and every time. Now that we are ready to verify the bet, I'm you can achieve this by clicking the " Click to view fairness" button and you will get this result as seen below.

with luckyfish casino you can verify your bet with using all 3 variables which include the server & client seed's and the nonce
with luckyfish casino you can verify your bet with using all 3 variables which include the server & client seed's and the nonce

From here you hit the "verify" button and the seeds reveal the true outcome of 38.87 which matches the original bet outcome and therefore the casino uses Provably Fair correctly.


The last great feature I would like to discuss is their house edge offered at Luckyfish casino. It sits at just 1% with most of their games offered. However, some games can have a little bit more or less of a house edge such as blackjack for example. Blackjack's house edge is right around 0.5% but when it comes to a game like roulette, the house edge is a bit higher at about 5.26%. Obviously looking at these numbers, it's clear that roulette is more difficult to beat the house than blackjack.

What is House Edge? The house edge is defined as the casino's average profit from a players bet. In order for any casino to operate successfully, they add an edge to all the games. This is so the casino can earn some type of profit in the long term. Typically the house edge is such a low amount that it doesn't affect the players in the short term, rather it's spread out over time so whatever the percent of the house edge sits at, in this case Luckyfish offers just a meager 1%, this is earned throughout the life cycle.

One way to figure out the house edge mathematically is by doing the following. Let's say for example your playing European Roulette. This version has one zero (0) and 36 non-zero numbers (18 red and 18 black). If a player bets $1 on red, his/her chances of winning this bet are 18/37 since 18 red numbers exist out of 37. However, his/her chances of losing $1 (i.e, winning $-1) are 19/37.

Therefore the expected value is calculated by following these steps:

  1. Expected value = (1)(18/37) + (-1)(19/37)

  2. Expected value = 18/37 - 19/37

  3. Expected value = -1/37

  4. Expected value = -2.7%

Therefore the house edge is 2.7% Every game at a casino varies when it comes to the house edge.

However at the majority of their games sits at just 1% or lower. With these odds, the casino becomes very beneficial for the player and their chance of winning big moves in their favor. For all these reasons we described it's obvious players should at least try out Luckyfish Casino to see if they enjoy it and can have some fun. Who knows, hitting the Jackpot might be easier than you think. Good Luck and most importantly, have Fun!

Remember to always gamble responsibly.

Please be aware this article has been sponsored and we were compensated for creating thi article. However, despite the fact that we were compensated to write this quality article, we do very much enjoy Luckyfish as a online casino and believe in the values they hold for their players and as a igaming company in general. Even before this article we have reviewed this website in a non bias way in the past which can be found on our dice games page which we were Not compensated to do. Thank You.

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