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Trezor Wallets Bitcoin Halving Promotion: Every Trezor Model T Purchase Also Get's a Free Trezor One

With the Bitcoin halving event coming in less than 20 hours, all crypto enthusiasts out there are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen as traders and many others expect to see the price to start rising and perhaps witness prices break all time highs.

Well it's also a perfect time to get one of the new Trezor Hardware Wallets to store and hodl your cryptocurrencies for this Bitcoin halving event and long after as prices are expected to climb. Keep in mind Trezor is only hosting this special promotion for 1- Day to those who are interested.

With this promotion, every purchase made on their Trezor Model T hardware wallet comes with a Free Trezor One hardware wallet absolutely free. It's a fantastic two-for-one deal that won't last long, seriously it will be less than 24 hours.

About Trezor

The Trezor brand was created in 2014 by a company called Satoshi Labs. Their first product was the Trezor One, the first ever hardware wallet which gave users access to an affordable and easy-to-use wallet that stored private keys in a cold environment securing their cryptocurrencies.

Since then Trezor also created the next-generation hardware wallet called the Trezor Model T which was their second offering in their catalog and went on sale in 2018.

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