The Simple Way to buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card using the Cash App

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Buy Bitcoin with a debit card using cash app

By Bitcoin Gaming Online: The Cash app is one of the mobile apps of the 21st century. Well it is in my opinion, so forget what you think. This simple-to-use app has been an amazing service for me personally and can be for anyone that have the capabilities to use a mobile phone. The concept is so simple, whenever you need to send money to your friends, family, gone are the days where you have to put a check in the mail which can take many days or even weeks to arrive at it's destination. How about going to a Western Union which you need to find first and pay outlandish fees on top of that. With the Cash App, all you need is a smartphone, debit card and you can send money to anyone in the world in seconds. Check Please!

Obviously the Cash App isn't the first company to give users the ability to send money to friends or family, we have Paypal to thank for that. However, when it comes to sending money instantly and the receiving party being able to withdraw right onto their debit card immediately having instant access to their funds, well that's all thanks to the Cash App. In fact it wasn't until last year, PayPal added that option as well. See when you send money to a friend, let's say your friend's name is Tommy. You owe Tommy $30 for some tickets he bought that you guys are going halfsies on. Well when you send him $30 through the Cash App, he will not only receive the money in seconds but he can also withdraw that money right onto his debit card to have instant access to those funds. Amazing!

Buy Bitcoin Instantly With A Debit Card

Well now it gets even better because the Cash App let's users buy bitcoin right in the with their linked debit card. Once bought, you will also have instant access to your bitcoin after you buy it. You can withdraw it to another bitcoin wallet or just hodl it. It offers better prices as well when compared to some other competitors such as Coinbase. After trying it a few times myself, I have started to fall in love with the simplicity with using the Cash App. So I recommend everyone who is interested in buying some Bitcoin to test the Cash App out. You will love it, plus if you sign up using my referral code: PMVQHJX we both get $5 for free after you send money for the first time. Not bad right?

The Cash App is owned and operated by a company called Square Inc, well known for the products like their square card reader for business owners. The co-founder and CEO of Square Inc. is Jack Dorsey, the same person who co-founded the famous social app Twitter also used by millions of people across the world.

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