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The Popular Crypto Gaming Platform Bitkong is Better than Ever with New Features & Redesign

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

By Bitcoin Gaming Online

For those who have never played the infamous bitcoin game called Bitkong, it was one of the first ever bitcoin games to come online after the btc blockchain was created back in 2008. Bitkong was created just a year later back in 2009, eventually becoming a smashing success with the gaming community. What's great about this game is the fact that it comes with a certain simplicity, making it a breeze to play but still very exciting as you continuously try to out-beat your previous score while winning huge amounts of bitcoin.

Bitkong is the one and only almighty Bitcoin King, and your goal is to steal as much of his bitcoin as possible by climbing the board. There are various difficulty levels you can play on, depending on which you choose you will either be selecting just one out of two, three, or even four tiles that are given among each row.. Each tile will have either a prize under it or it ends the game so you must choose wisely. As I mentioned a minute ago, depending on the difficulty mode you chose, there can be multiple winners in each row or just one but you only get one chance per round to guess correctly. The higher you are able to climb, the larger your potential bitcoin prize will be multiplied by any amount all the way in the 100,000's.

At the same time it becomes much more risky as you decide if you should claim what bitcoin you have earned thus far or keep climbing to get even more. Just remembered at any point during gameplay you can stop and collect what you have earned this far. But if the Kong gets you before you make it to the top, you will lose everything you have accumulated during that round.

Bitkong 2 Has Arrived!

Bitkong 2 is a verifiable provably fair game and the prizes are predefined as soon as you press start but nobody knows this result in advance and nobody can manipulate the result. So your luck is the only thing that matters. After each game you can verify its fairness that the game was truly provably fair if you feel the need to do so. However you must finish the game first to reveal that game's hash seed.

Bitkong 2 comes with so many New features that weren't present in the original version which makes it very exciting.

Difficulty Settings

There are now five (5) different modes of difficulty you can choose from compared to just three in the original version. Each difficulty mode presents higher potential prizes along with greater risk. These modes include: easy, medium, hard, extreme, & nightmare. As you might have guessed the nightmare difficulty mode is the hardest setting to play on but also offers the biggest prizes. With this setting, a player can bet just 100 satoshi and win a top prize of 0.199 btc if they climb to the top without dying. That's really incredible when you think about it because that's a return of 19,000,000%. Wow!


One of the most notable new features on Bitkong are the new bonus features available to all players. With these bonuses come several new ways to win even more bitcoin with features like Jackpots, Leaderboard prizes, Cashback, Magic Chest, Refill, and of course their Free Crypto Faucet. Below I will describe what each bonus entails -

  • Jackpot: Now you will find a Jackpot on Bitkong which gives players a chance to win a percentage of the total amount if they fill the requirements. The amount you win depends on the size of your bet. First let me point out Bitkong is now using a "points system" instead of displaying actual bitcoin amounts. So, for instance, 1 point = .00000099 btc which fluctuates dependent on bitcoins price. To earn points all you do is play as normal. Points are earned with each move you make per round and the amount of your wager. So to win 1% of the total jackpot, the player will need to bet at least 50 points (.00004950 btc). To win 100% of the jackpot, the player must bet at least 5,000 points (.00495 btc). Lastly if you meet these requirements to win the Jackpot: the first seven signs of the bet’s first row hash must be seven (77 77 77 7). That bet must be a winning bet (losing bet can’t win Jackpot).

  • Leaderboard: there is now a daily, weekly, & monthly leaderboard which displays all the players that have won the most points. If you make it on the Top 80 of the list you win a share of the leaderboard prize pool. To give reference, today the first place player on the daily leaderboard won 212 points or .000209 btc. The weekly & monthly leaderboard prizes are much bigger. First place on the monthly leaderboard is already over 10k points or .0099 btc. The prize pool continues to grow with each bet made by all players

  • Cashback: Cashback is calculated from every bet and added to the players account every 24 hours at 00:00 GMT. Cashback is accrued in points as discussed earlier. Size of Cashback depends on your Rank which is determined by how much a player wagers. If a player has wagered 1,000,000 points he is considered a Hero. If they wager 10,000,000 points they are a Master. This continues the more he or she plays. So a Hero will earn .03% Cashback where as a Master will earn .08% Cashback.

  • Magic Chest: the magic Chest feature is really cool. The exact number of Credits (points) in Magic Chest is determined randomly. Unlimited number of Magic Chests can be obtained. Credits become available in 3-10 days. In order to get a magic Chest all you need to do is play, that it. There are three(3) tiers of chests(w/prizes) that can be won. These include Silver (100 - 10,000 points), Gold (1k - 100k points), and Black (10k - 1M points). Any player will receive these chest any time you wager an amount over 1 million, 10 million & 100 million respectively.

  • Refills: you can think of refills as deposit bonuses that you find at a typical casino. Refill bonuses come with wager requirements. So for example if you want a 50% refill, you deposit will have an extra 50% added to it with a wager requirement of 30x over. Winnings can be withdrawn if wager requirement is met. Wager requirement refers to amount used for Refill and the bonus amount together. Refill bonus can’t be cancelled so make sure you really want to use this type of bonus before you activate it. You can also get a 100% & 150% refill as well.

  • Free Faucet: Bitkong has always offered a generous faucet, so why should it change now. There are three tiers of faucets that Bitkong offers. They give the Standard which can be claimed every 10 minutes and gives the player one(1) credit (point). Then they also have Happy Weekend (claim every 5 minutes) and Funky Hour (claim every 3 minutes) which pays 2 & 4 credits (points) respectively.

New Accepted Cryptocurrencies

Bitkong now accepts more cryptocurrency options plus Fiat options as well. With this upgrade, players can choose to deposit or withdraw seven (7) cryptocurrencies and thirty (30) fiat pairs. This puts Bitkong on a whole new level and makes it even more enticing. Players can play with bitcoin, Litecoin, dash, dogecoin, ethereum and many more. With the new

redesign, gameplay has never been this much fun.

There are so many great new features that every player can have a blast while winning lots of money. You must test & challenge yourself and beat the king by climbing to the top of the mountain. If you can achieve this, then there just might be a new King of the jungle. So don't wait any longer and head on over to start playing.

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