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The Newest Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbook Is Giving $10 In Free Bitcoin To All New Users

Updated: Sep 9, 2019


9/9/19 Update - Coinbook is closing their exchange due to unforeseen circumstances described in this tweet - anyone with funds on the exchange have been refunded. Details are available on their Twitter page or website.

Coinbook is the newest Bitcoin and altcoin exchange operating in the United States and it's citizens.This exchange is Based in California and there goal is to provide complete transparency for there users as they provide services to the individual investor rather than institutional investors like most of the competition. Even though both beginners and seasonal investors use Coinbook, their focus is to help the smaller investor.


Anybody in the US that wants to sign up with Coinbook can get $10 absolutely free as soon as they are verified through there instant verification process. The whole thing takes 2 minutes and is very easy to complete. Once approved just refresh your page and the money will already be in you account which you can either withdraw immediately or trade it for a different cryptocurrency. They only have a total of five different coins to trade with which include Bitcoin, Digibyte, feathercoin, Bullion, and Litecoin. It's certainly an interesting choice of coins but they do mention that they don't list any coins under 5 years old


Before you can buy any cryptocurrency on Coinbook you first need to link your bank. One of their amazing features includes instant deposits. They don't accept debit/credit cards yet so you have to transfer money through ACH. Normally this process takes 1-2 days for the funds to become available but Coinbook gives you the money instantly so you can start trading immediately.

By keeping their website clean, simple, and intuitive, the process of buying Bitcoin has never been easier.

As it even states on their site, "with ease of the site, your grandmother can set up an account and buy $1 of bitcoin without any confusion."


There are no deposit fee's, no withdrawal fee's, no minimum balance fee's, no needed customer fee's, and no other made up fee's. Any trade fee's Coinbook charges is already in the price so what you see is what you get.

With the handful of times that I have already used Coinbook I have been very impressed with the website, the simplicity, and the curtious customer service. I can't wait to see more coins added to the platform. They certainly offer a niche that no other exchange offers and that will set them apart as they continue to grow.

So what are you waiting for, sign up with Coinbook and claim you $10 in

Bitcoin now!

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