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The New Privacy Focused Cryptocurrency OXT is now available on Coinbase Earn

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Orchid VPN lessons on coinbase earn
Coinbase Earn has just added new lessons giving users $12 in OXT from the blockchain company Orchid, a digital privacy network

Update 8/19/20: Unfortunately the paid lesson for Orchid has ended, however there are still other lessons to earn free crypto such as the EOS lessons.

For anyone who is interested to earn some free crypto, Coinbase Earn has just added their newest cryptocurrency lesson with a coin called OXT which is a digital privacy focused token created by the blockchain company Orchid

To get your free cryptocurrency all you do is watch a few short video clips followed by a question that you will be asked about the video clip you just watched. If you answer it correctly you will get approximately $4 in OXT. If you get it wrong don't worry, you can try again until you get it right. There are three video clips in total you can watch and you will receive a total of $12 in OXT tokens. With these tokens you can start using Orchid's VPN which I describe in further detail below or you can even exchange your OXT for another cryptocurrency right on the Coinbase platform such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple and more.

* New and existing Coinbase users can participate in these Orchid lessons on Coinbase Earn.

What is the Orchid VPN

As digital privacy has become such a hot topic in today's world we thought it was a good time to discuss the Orchid VPN and what this blockchain company can offer to combat the digital privacy issues we all encounter when we go online.

The Orchid network gives users a decentralized virtual private network (VPN), allowing anyone to buy bandwidth from a pool of service providers. In order for Orchid to achieve this the company uses a digital currency called OXT - a new VPN protocol for incentive bandwidth proxying, and smart-contracts with algorithmic advertising and payment functions.

Orchid's users connect to bandwidth sellers using a provider directory and they pay using probabilistic nano-payments or micro-payments so the Ethereum transaction fees on packets are acceptably low.

Why Use Orchid's Next-level VPN

When you browse the internet on a daily basis, browsing your social apps, news and/or message your friends, you do all these things for free or so we think.

"other times you won't have any idea when your browsing is getting tracked.and that's a big problem"

See what most people don't realize is when your browsing on the internet, you are actually paying for it with your data. Sometimes you will know about the tracking which is also called cookies, (I don't mean those sweet tasty treats you buy at the grocery store) that goes on while you browse the internet and you might even be ok with it. These trackers are analyzing your data, online habits, the websites you visit and so on. But other times you won't have any idea when your browsing is being tracked.and that's a big problem.

When your data is being tracked without your consent, as you think your information is safe on your phone, your actually leaving behind a digital trail. Essentially your Internet Service Provider or ISP will use your data and sell it to advertisers. When this happens you don't get a penny for it. On top of that, cyber criminals and even governments will steal your data as well.

So if your interested in learning more about the Orchid VPN and want to start using it i will explain right now how to do so. First i recommend all of you to head over to the Orchid Lessons on Coinbase Earn to get some more information about how exactly this technology works. Once you are done head back over to this page to get a step-by-step guide on how to install and start using the Orchid VPN.

How to use the Orchid VPN

The first thing you will need to do is get a Web3 ethereum wallet either online or download one of the apps below. A Web3 wallet is essentially a bridge between your web browser and ethereum wallet. ethereum wallet/blockchain. This allows the user to interact with any website that is built on the ethereum blockchain without compromising your private keys. You can of course browse normal websites as well. It's the next-gen browser for everyday use and so much more. The wallets listed below are some of the most popular wallets to use:

4. Bread

Once you have your wallet set up and don't forget to back it up so you don't lose your funds should anything happen, like losing your phone or whatever the case. You will then need to download the Orchid app. At the moment, Orchid is available in the Play store for Android devices and there is a app for IOS Testflight.

Once you downloaded the app you are ready to start the process of getting your new Orchid VPN up and running. Here is a step by step guide to help you out. You can also get the guide on the Orchid website as well.

Step 1. Open the Orchid app and select the "+" to create a new hop

Step 2. Select Orchid Hop to create a new hop on the Orchid network

Step 3. Copy your Ethereum wallet address to your clipboard from your Web3 wallet and past it into the address field in the app

Step 4. Now you need to create a new signer key, once again select the "+" to do so (you will want to use a unique signer key with each hop to ensure privacy

Step 5. Tap "generate key" and then click "save" on the top right

You now have a new Hop! Congratulations.

Lastly you will want to Create and fund a new Orchid account here:

Your funds can be transferred between your wallet and Orchid at any time with this account. I hope everyone takes advantage or at least try's this new technology because it is very important for your privacy. If you enjoyed our blog post please check out our other posts at

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