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Start Bitcoin Investing with The Abra App Plus Invest In 28 Other Cryptocurrencies or Bit10 Index

Start Bitcoin Investing with The Abra App Plus Invest In 28 Other Cryptocurrencies or The Bit10 Index for Free

thehulk07 (54) in invest •  9 hours ago

The last few days have been very exciting in the crypto space with digital assets climbing up the charts in double digit percentages. It's quite remarkable to watch and if you are familiar with the 2017 bull run when Bitcoin hit all time highs over $20k then you know these types of trade-able assets can add gains very quickly.

THE ABRA APP I would like to introduce Abra, a simplified investing app that gives a user the ability to buy, store, and invest in 28 different cryptocurrencies, 50 Fiat currencies. This financial services and technology company offers a all-in-one mobile app providing a cryptocurrency wallet, investing platform, and exchange. Abra is headquartered in Mountain view California and was founded by Bill Barhydt in 2014.

Anybody who resides in the United States and the Philippines can use the Abra app. Whats even cooler is Abra was featured on Apple TV's Planet of the Apps back in 2016 and choose Gwyneth Paltrow as an advisor which put Abra into high gear. fast-foward to today and Abra has Bec me a very successful app with ten's of thousands of users on a daily basis.

Abra has also created the ability for their users to invest in the Bitwise 10 crypto Index which is originally only for accredited investors. The Bitwise 10 or bit10 invests in the ten largest crypto assets or 80% of the entire crypto market cap. Bit10 is rebalanced monthly for upside, has low minimums and no fees.

CLAIM YOUR BONUS Now for a limited time only Abra is offering new users a choice between two different sign up bonuses.

1.) The first is $25 in Free Bitcoin after you deposit at least $5 through a US bank account or an eligible American Express card.

2.) If you already own some crypto, start investing some with Abra and receive 1.5% Cashback of the transaction total, up to $25.

CONCLUSION Abra is a great app to get started with investing in cryptocurrency, especially if your new to the game. I think Abra's Bit10 index fund is very cool and adds value to their service as it opens doors for anybody who wants to invest in it and forget about it. It's much easier than investing in individual assets and limits the risk. It's the same thing as Investing in mutal funds. It provides a safer but less potential profits. With the addition of their wallet and built-in exchange this only adds value as well for the user.

So hurry up and head over to claim your $25 in free Bitcoin if you haven't already.

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