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Stake Casino Just Opened to Players in the States, Look Out Chumba, Say Hello to

Updated: Aug 4, 2022, the largest online casino in the world now legal in the united states features Drake as their newest sponsor
Stake Casino opens a version of their casino to players in the united states. Also the Rapper Drake is featured as their newest official partner along with UFC and Everton.

The all new online social casino which uses crypto as there payment system is now live for all players in the united states and for those of you who happen to be living under a rock, this new casino is the proud sister of the very famous crypto casino which has become which i say with no exaggeration, the leading entertainment provider online for the gambling industry world wide. So this is a very big deal for all the gamers and gamblers residing in the US. Now even though the original Stake isn't legal in the united states there are work arounds that aloud players to play on the site such as using a vpn.

If your not familiar with the Stake brand at all yet then I recommend you go check out this blog post going into great detail about what Stake casino has to offer as it will clearly show the reason they've become the leader in the gambling market but to sum up it is the massive selection of games, their infamous sports book, and the countless perks they offer to all their players and those perks are not just for the VIPs.


Well by now its no surprise that when you go to social casinos such as Chumba casino or Luckyland Slots that you can get a login bonus and on a daily basis. So of course with you can also claim $1 just for logging into the site everyday. But what Stake offers that the other two don't is a ridiculous VIP program where players get hefty daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses paid in your choice of crypto of choice that come with zero wager requirements. That's right! Zero wage requirements!

(btw check out this post if your in need to buy crypto at a good price)

These are the kinds of perks you will find at along with all those bonuses i just mentioned before you will also get a rake back percentage earned from each bet you make, win or lose, a percentage from any of your friends you get to join and most importantly their extensive selection of original stake games and 3rd party slot providers available on their platform.


That's right Drake fans, recently Drake joined the Stake brand and now live streams at random times while betting on Stake (roulette seems to be his favorite). During his live streams he is also very generous giving away hefty sums of money to you, the players. On top of that will give out even more bonuses on the hour during the streams usually on their telegram allowing usually a few thousand players to claim free crypto.

So if your new to online casinos or maybe your just looking for a good, trusted casino to play at where you know you will receive your winnings without any issue then I absolutely recommend either one of Stakes crypto casino's - or because it doesn't matter if your betting one dollar or a million dollars, Stake will always pay and instantly. Check out our page for other recommendations of trusted crypto casinos.. Thanks for reading and don't forget to rate our content.

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