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Stake Casino Just Opened to Players in the States, Look Out Chumba, Say Hello to

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

the Stake Casino brand opens a new social casino called for all US players
Stake Casino brand opens a social casino for US players to join in on the fun. Play along with big names like Drake and Win.

The all new online social casino which uses crypto as there payment system is now live for all players in the united states and for those of you who happen to be living under a rock, this new casino is the proud sister of the very famous crypto casino which has become which i say with no exaggeration, the leading entertainment provider online for the gambling industry world wide. So this is a very big deal for all the gamers and gamblers residing in the US. Now even though the original Stake isn't legal in the united states there are work arounds that aloud players to play on the site such as using a vpn.

If your not familiar with the Stake brand at all yet then I recommend you go check out this blog post going into great detail about what Stake casino has to offer as it will clearly show the reason they've become the leader in the gambling market but to sum it up in a nutshell, Stake offers a very large selection of games, they later on added an intuitive sports book, and the countless perks they offer to all their players join and actively play. In fact one of the most notable things Stake is known for is their weekly and monthly bonuses that come with zero stipulations. That's right, if you really wanted to a player can withdraw his bonus as soon as its given to them.


Its no surprise that when you go to social casinos, specifically casinos for US players that you can get a daily login bonus. For example, some notable names would be Chumba casino and their sister sites Luckyland Slots, then theirs Global Poker or Pulsz which is the newer social casino of the bunch. All you do is simply login to any of these casinos and get a bonus just for doing so in various amounts. Chumba Casino gives every player a free $1 every 24 hours while some others may start at a lower amount and gradually go up depending on how many consecutive days you log in.

Well naturally, players can also claim $1 every 24 hours just for logging onto the site everyday. Easy money if you ask me. But as I mentioned earlier in this article, what really sets Stake apart from all the others are the ridiculous bonus that come with zero wager requirements, Depending on you VIP tier, you'll get daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses all wager free, ready to withdraw if you prefer it. That's bananas beacause you won't find any other casino offer that, plain n simple. I personally have been playing on Stake for many years now so i might be bias but let me assure everyone I'm not getting paid to write this article in any way aside from ad revenue. Stake and are the cassinos to play on if you want to win money and be taken care of at the same time. You will never have an issue getting your money, you will never have an issue contacting their support, even one of their owners Eddie Craven is just a text away if you have questions.

As you climb up the VIP tiers you get other benefits as well such as a one time payment once you have entered a new tier. To give you an idea when i reached Platinum 3 i received a cool $800 that i could spend or withdraw as i pleased. I mean, you must won't get this anywhere else. You will also get increased weekly and monthly bonuses and a daily reload that can be claimed daily or every hour.

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These are the kinds of perks you will find at along with all those bonuses i just mentioned. The last perk you will also get is a rake back percentage earned from each individual bet you place, win or lose. And if you happen to get some of your friends to join you will also get a percentage from their bets. Their are endless ways to make money on this casino, it's pretty great.


That's right Drake fans, Drake joined the Stake brand and is now doing live streams at random times placing bets on their games like Stake Roulette and sports betting. During his live streams he is also very generous giving away hefty sums of money to all the players. On top of that will give out even more bonuses on the hour during the streams usually on their telegram allowing usually a few thousand players to claim free crypto.

So if your new to online casinos or maybe your just looking for a good, trusted casino to play at where you know you will receive your winnings without any issue, then I absolutely recommend either one of Stakes crypto casino's - or because it doesn't matter if your betting one dollar or a million dollars, Stake will always pay instantly. Check out our page for other recommendations of trusted crypto casinos.. Thanks for reading and don't forget to rate our content.

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