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Rocket, the All New Provably Fair Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform Provably Fair gaming platform


For those who haven't heard of the new gaming platform called Rocket it's a licensed Provably Fair gaming platform which allows players over the age of 19 to play there games with cryptocurrencies and potentially win a lot more crypto. Rocket is a game owned and operated by Alford N.V. which was incorporated in Curacao. This website is still very new as it's release was shortly after February of 2019. Rocket was also audited and certified by iTech Labs, a well known and trusted company which certifies the legitimacy of online gaming websites.

Currently Rocket offers four exciting games to play, two of them are classic games and the others are unique. On top of that, Rocket offers an unlimited crypto faucet for all there accepted cryptocurrencies which is 10 at the moment. For those not familiar with what a faucet is, essentially it allows the players to get small amounts of free cryptocurrency so you can try out their games. If your lucky enough, players can withdraw with there faucet earnings without having to deposit but it can be difficult as the free amounts can be really small sums to start.


The four games you can play here include dice, Rocket Run, Aqua, and Boom.

1. Dice - dice game

Dice is a classic game which is very popular when it comes to crypto gaming. Many sites offer there own version of dice and is usually the most popular game at a online casino. The game is very easy to play, typically you set your dashboard with a number between 0.01 - 100 which gives the player to multiply his bet up to an astonishing 9900x. Although you will also find dice games that only pay up to 99x as well.

Once you have picked a number, you then choose whether you think the roll outcome will be higher or lower than the number you have set.

The information is all on the dashboard such as the multipler, the potential profit earned off each roll along with other functions. You can also choose to set it on auto mode which will play the game for you allowing you to leave the room if you like. It's that easy! Every bet can be verified by the Probably Fair algorithm.

2. Rocket Run -

Rocket run game or crash

This is another classic you can find on many crypto gaming platforms except it might be betterk known as Crash. Essentially the object of the game is to see how high the rocket can go before blowing up. The rocket can go very high so setting a number of 1000x or even higher is not uncommon. That's what makes this game so much fun because the rocket can keep going and going and going, who knows when it will stop. 🚀 Rocket Run can also be played on auto mode and each round can be verified with the Probably Fair algorithm.

3. AQUA - Aqua game

This game is a lot of fun to play as the goal is to see how deep in the water you can go in your little submarine. Once you set your bet amount you just start the game and your submarine will submerge under water, sinking in the depths the the deep blue sea. Once you reach a few hundred meters you will either get a chest to appear where you earn cryptocurrency or some type of fish will appear which is trying to kill you. Sometimes you can fight the fish off with your torpedoes and sometimes you can't. The deeper you get , the harder it becomes but the reward gets bigger as well.

4. BOOM -

Rocket.Run boom

This bomb doging multiplayer game is also filled with excitement, justake sure the bombs falling down from the sky don't land on you or else BOOM! Your Toast! The game is very easy, there are four large squares which are numbered 1 - 4 and you have to choose which square you want to stand on before the plane flies over your head. You only have a few seconds to choose to pick fast. You will see other players in the same game and you can have more than one player standing on the same square.

When the plane flies over it will drop 2 bombs which will land on 2 squares. If you are lucky enough to miss the bomb you win the round and can choose to cash out or go to the next round. With each round you play the reward also grows bigger. If you get hit by the bomb your game is over. Sometimes a bomb will land on your square but doesn't kill you. Piece of cake!

To wrap up our review on Rocket we wanted to mention the website is a lot of fun and we recommend players to at least try it once. As we mentioned before they offer a faucet so you can play with the houses cryptocurrency. It's a very enjoyable experience. Good Luck!

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