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Learn To Trade Cryptocurrencies Risk Free While Earning Great Prizes Learn to trade cryptocurrencies risk free

Introducing Altcoin Fantasy this is a risk free crypto trading platform available for anyone who wants to get better at trading crypto markets. The best part about Altcoin Fantasy besides becoming a better crypto trader, is the ability to win cash prizes from their weekly contests plus many other kinds of prizes as well.

Every week or two a new contest begins that is free to join. These contests are hosted by crypto related companies such as exchanges, online casinos, wallet providers and so on. The prize amounts vary but on average the first place position can win thousands of dollars, I kid you not. On top of the cash prizes, every user also accumulates points which are used to be exchange for other great prizes like free cryptosuch as Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin & doge. You can also exchange points for Cryptokitties TradingView Pro subscriptions and even oculus Go AR/VR headsets.

oculus Go

Altcoin Fantasy - Learning Academy Altcoin Fantasy also provide online classes through their Learning Academy which will teach you about what blockchain is, the different kinds of cryptocurrencies, and even how to trade cryptocurrencies. The learning Academy will do step by step instructions and short videos on the most important topics.

altcoin fantasy - what is a altcoin?

I recommend everyone to check these courses out because they are quite helpful and easy to follow. Even if you are familiar with cryptocurrencies these teachings can still be very helpful.

Gold Membership Altcoin Fantasy also offers gold memberships for anyone who is interested. The cost is about $4.99 per month paid through Google play and come with some great benefits.

Some of the benefits include:

1. Access to join Gold member only contests

2. Special cryptocurrency rewards

3. Join unlimited contests

4. Create unlimited contests for you and your friends to join and compete against each other

So depending how you look at it the gold membership can be very useful depending what your goals are with the website. If you want to get cool rewards like buying 0.07 LTC using points then gold membership is for you. If you want to play in many different contest it's also for you. Overall you can pretty much use all features gold members use just not as much.

Overall I have been using Altcoin Fantasy for about two months and love the platform. The fact that I get to put my trading skills to the test against other traders and win cash prizes at the same time is pretty cool. The most recent contest that ended offered a first place prize worth $500 to be used at Betcoin Casino. This weeks contest prize is giving first place winner over $4,000 in cash. So don't waist anymore time and head over to Altcoin Fantasy.

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