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Get $10 in Free Bitcoin to try out the New Shapeshift platform

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

** Update #1 10/01/19 ** | Shapeshift is giving their KeepKey Hardware wallet away for just $10 USD to all their members of the platform. This is just one of the perks for being apart of the Shapeshift community. I say again, for just $10 USD, you can get your very own KeepKey Hardware wallet. Now if you want a KeepKey wallet for this amazing price but you are not a member of the Shapeshift platform, just sign up today and you will immediately get access to this exclusive deal where you get an original KeepKey for just $10 USD..

The KeepKey is an amazing hardware wallet with a large display for easy and clear readability, ability to store 1000's of cryptocurrencies, customizable transaction fees, limitless wallet address on one device.

As they state: "Thanks for being a ShapeShift member! We’re offering you a $10 KeepKey, the premier hardware wallet of the ShapeShift Platform. Take advantage of this exclusive members only offer, while supplies last."

** End of Update **

If you haven't been in the loop lately with the well known crypto exchange ShapeShift they have completely transformed there platform making it better and more secure than ever before. Shapeshift started out back in 2014 as just a simple exchange where you could swap out your crypto, such as Bitcoin to Litecoin or ethereum to stellar. However since then and even more recently in the last 6 months, the crypto exchange has been working on a lot of improvements and has now evolved into so much more. They operate as a decentralized exchange in sorts with users only being able to trade using a hardware wallet.

As they put it, the new Shapeshift - "the most secure and user-friendly crypto platform in the industry. Buy, sell, send, receive, trade, track, and hodl most major cryptos in a non-custodial way."

When it comes down to what a decentralized exchange is, the users funds are never stored on the exchange itself (custodial), instead you connect your own cryptocurrency wallet to the exchange and trade in and out of your wallet. Only the user can access their wallet with their own private keys. The decentralized exchange will never have access to the wallet or funds. Typically with a decentralized exchange you can connect most digital wallets to use it.

In this case, to interact with the Shapeshift platform you need to use a hardware wallet instead of a digital wallet allowing for the most secure trading allowed. This ensures the safety of your funds as no 3rd party is needed and ensures your funds can not be hacked by anybody.

Also for a limited time you can buy a KeepKey 60% off, for just $30 USD. That's an amazing price so take advantage while you can. Just use the discount code: SECURE60

You can also learn more about the KeepKey wallet, and even other hardware wallets on our website. Go here for the complete KeepKey hardware wallet review. To trade on ShapeShift anyone with a Trezor and/or KeepKey can use the Shapeshift exchange with Ledger wallet capabilities coming soon. Get $10 in Free Bitcoin from Sept 4th until Sept 18th 2019, anyone who is interested can get their free bitcoin by simply trying out the new Shapeshift Platform by making a trade. Once again, you will need a hardware wallet to do this.

Here's how it works -

1. connect your Trezor or Keepkey hardware wallet to your Shapeshift account

2. complete your first trade

3. receive $10 in bitcoin sent to your platform account Thats it!

Simple right? That's all you have to do to get the free Bitcoin. Plus this process won't cost you anything if you already have a hardware wallet with some cryptocurrency on it. If you want to review the latest hardware wallets go to our website where we review all the best hardware wallets available.

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