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Gamers are Going Crazy Over Drugwars, the Newest Game Built on the Steem Blockchain

Updated: May 16, 2019 review

UPDATE 5/16/19:

- Players now get paid out in Future Tokens which can be used to trade in the game or on a Obyte Wallet.

- It has become even more simple to join Drugwars as there is now an option for players to sign up without a Steemit account, instead they can use just an email or sign up through google and facebook.

For those who haven’t heard yet there is a new game online called Drugwars and has been growing in popularity quickly with gamers and crypto enthusiasts. The main reason for the attraction for players is because this game gives you free cryptocurrency just for playing. The earning potential can be great if you play the game right. In case you were wondering, the revenue you earn consists of the cryptocurrency called Steem. Everyday players earn Steem through different actions like completing tasks, going into battles against other players, growing your resource and so on. Every 24 hours Drugwars pays out their players which goes straight to there Steemit account.

The game is very simple to play and a lot of fun, especially when you get paid. The creators of DrugWars are very serious about this game and want it to last so please make sure to have fun and respect your fellow players.

Now let’s get into what this game is all about and I will explain a few of the important steps needed to get you started but first to understand Drugwars you first need to get a Steem or Steemit account.

steem blockchain

What is Steem?

To explain in the simplest terms what Steem actually is, I am directly quoting from their website which states:

“Steem is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content. It’s currently the only blockchain that can power real applications via social apps like Steemit.”

That’s all Steem is, a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin except it offers even more benefits like faster transaction times when compared to Bitcoin. Steem also powers apps like Steemit which is a social networking platform built off the Steem blockchain.

steemit app

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a social platform which allows users to earn revenue for creating quality content. It’s like a Facebook expect rather than the shareholders getting all the revenue the actual users earn the money for using the platform. This social network has launched over 2 years ago and has been a huge hit. There are users that are making over $1,000 a week but takes a lot of work and requires bringing high quality content to the platform. So don’t get discouraged if you aren’t making a lot of money as it takes a few months to build a following.

*Please note, anyone that is interested in playing Drugwars they will have to create an account on Steemit as the game runs off the Steem Blockchain. By owning a Steemit account, the user can then use any app or game that runs off it.*

It’s easy to create an account and there are two different options to do so.

Sign up for free (1–2 week queue)Pay $2.00 to sign up (Instant Access)

In a effort to help protect Steemit users against bots, name squatters, a small fee is charged to create new accounts. Steem is happy to cover the fee for new users but a email and phone number so staff can manually check to make sure your a real person. This is why free accounts can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to become officially active.

Once you have a Steemit account and is active, you are now ready for Drugwars.

drugwars headquarters

Drugwars Objective

This game is really simple to play as it resembles a set-it and forget-it style of playing. Well don’t forget about the game for tool long because you will lose everything but you get the idea.

Now your goal will be to conquer your enemies and build an empire while earning as much Steem as you can. The way to do this is by producing and stealing as many resources as you can. The way you produce these necessary resources is by upgrading your buildings and by battling your opponents. All of this can be achieved with little effort.

drugwars training facility

Make Your Buildings

First off, your headquarters will be the engine that runs your empire. With every upgrade you make to your headquarters you can then upgrade your other buildings plus it also shortens the queue for other buildings. Once your HQ is established it’s time to start your production of drugs, weapons, and alcohol. These three resources are the most important because without them you can’t grow.

With every upgrade there is a cost associated with it. That cost comes in the form of your resources. Think of it in terms of the saying, “you have to spend money to make money.” Now your three main resources are as follows -

  • Drugs: think of this as your money, the more drugs you produce the more money you can earn which I will explain further in. This resource is also needed to build your army and upgrades

  • Guns: this is mainly for your army, as it’s the main cost associated with every type of unit available such as a bouncer, gunman, ninja & so on. This resource is also needed to upgrade your buildings

  • Alcohol: this is probably the least used resource but still very important as it’s also needed to build units and upgrade buildings

drugwars - how to create units for battles

Boot Camp

The boot camp is where you build and your army. There are many different units to choose from and are very important because they are needed to go into battle against other players and steal resources. They are also just as important for protecting your own base from attacks.

Each unit has a price displayed underneath there name which is the cost to build them depending on how many units you make at that time. Under the price you will see their individual attributes that they offer during battles. These attributes include from left to right: offensive strength, defensive strength, amount of time it takes for the unit to reach opponents base, amount of resources they can carry back to your HQ, and lastly their style of fighting(melee. Long range. Etc..)

drugwars - how to battle


The battles tab is where you can search for other players to fight with and potentially steal their resources. This section is pretty self-explanatory as you can see. They have recently upgraded the battles so now you can't see what the other players have for resources and what kind of army they have. So you will have to come up with some strategic ways to figure that out before you send all your units to the slaughter.

drugwars rewards

The Heist

This is the most important section of the game because in the heist tab you can invest your spare drugs and in return get extra Steem paid out to your account every 24 hours.

There are two different ways to earn money with DrugWars. The first is your daily payout which is determined by your daily drug production. You will notice this amount gets higher with every upgrade to your drugs production facilities. However this amount also decreases a small percentage everyday which is why it’s so important to continue growing your empire.

Think of the Heist as a bonus money where as depending on the amount of drugs you invest into it you get an extra payout in the form of Steem which is paid at the same time as your daily payout. There is a timer displayed showing how much time you have to invest into the Heist feature before the clock resets and payouts are issued.

This is why the drugs resource is so important because this is literally your money.

So there you have it, the basics to get you started with building your own empire and conquer the world. Have Fun!

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