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Earn Crypto While Learning About Crypto With Coinbase Earn

I'm sure by now mostly everyone is familiar with Coinbase which is the largest US based Cryptocurrency exchange providing services in over 40 countries worldwide. What makes Coinbase so great is the simplicity when using their platform to make purcghases in digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash among others. This can be done using just a debit card or bank account. Although the quickest option is a debit card because you receive the cryptocurrency immediately. When using a bank account you must first deposit funds through ACH transfer into your Coinbase USD wallet which takes a couple days to clear and then the funds become available to spend.

When it comes to selling cryptocurrency on Coinbase there are a two different options. First you need to sell your crypto so the funds are available in your USD wallet. From there you can withdraw to your bank or better yet you can withdraw to your PayPal account which gives access to your funds immediately.

Now I want to talk about another great service that Coinbase provides which is called Coinbase Earn

stellar lumens on coinbase earn

With Coinbase Earn users can get free cryptocurrency by watching 2 - 3 minute videos about a particular digital asset and then taking a quick 1-question, multiple choice quiz based on the clip you just watched. The whole process is very easy and best of all you can make some good money. For instance, Stellar Lumens $XLM is giving $50 in free tokens. Another token called the Basic attention Token $BAT is giving $10 in tokens.

The BAT token is used with the Brave browser which pays the users to browse the internet. When you use Brave the browser will block all ads and cookie trackers. In return, the publishers (website owners) get paid in BAT tokens. So it's a win win for both parties because the users earn money for surfing the internet with no ads popping up all over the screen and the publishers earn money for any potential revenue loss they incured. The users can also tip the publishers with BAT tokens if they really enjoyed their website.

Coinbase Earn is a great platform to learn about these different cryptocurrencies and all the great features that come with them. Each lesson will briefly explain the individual coin, the blockchain technology that the coin is built on and how to use them in the real world.

Anyone is welcome, both current Coinbase users and new users can join the waitlist. As long as your verified with level 2 you will be accepted within a day or two upon signing up to the Coinbase Earn waitlist.

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