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Goosebet.io - the crypto casino to play and earn dividends

Since the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, people have been making huge transitions with there everyday lives, whether it's with there daily routines or perhaps maybe they are forced to work from home. Whatever the case, at the same time the economy is also struggling to stay afloat including many business such as brick n mortar casinos, which were forced to close potentially losing billions of dollars in revenue from potential gamblers. As these brick n mortar casinos close there business for the foreseeable future another market is capitalizing during this Coronavirus pandemic and that is the fast-growing Online Casino and/or crypto casinos markets.

When you gamble on a regular basis as many people due, even many gamble as a profession and can no longer go to your local casino you are then forced to search for a new source of gambling. Depending on what exactly you're looking for, It shouldn't be to difficult finding one unless you live in the united states as laws are more strict with online gambling.

However, when it comes to cryptocurrency based online casinos, players all over the world can join in on the action, even players residing in the states. When it comes to these crypto casinos, there many benefits that come with them. For starters, deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency are pretty much instant transactions. Gone are the days where a player has to wait days for your withdrawal to be processed, instead try minutes or even seconds. Plus, there are awesome in-house crypto games you won't find at traditional casinos such as crypto Dice, Crash, Mines and so many more.

But how about going a step further and joining a crypto casino that pays the players dividends on a daily basis and gives rewards like you have never seen before. Well I would like to tell you there is now a casino just like that and I'm about to tell you about it.

Goosebet - play and earn dividends


Let me introduce the newest revolutionary crypto casino called Goosebet.io and it comes with loads of features that players just won't find anywhere else. Since the initial launch less than a month ago Goosebet has been a smashing success. As of right now users can play both in-house games but also have access to popular slots like Endorphina and Boongo with more coming very soon.

When you play any of the games available on Goosebet, you earn Goosebet tokens or GBT for short, which in turn will earn players a high percentage of the casino's profits paid in daily dividends in each cryptocurrency accepted.

I will break it down and explain what GBT's are, how they work and how you can earn cryptocurrency with them.


The Goosebet token aka GBTs are a TRC-20 token based on the Tron blockchain. By incorporating Tron it allows for ultra fast, practically free transactions for players to use. On a side note, players can also play Goosebet games using bitcoin, ethereum, and USDT. These are the four main cryptocurrencies used on Goosebet.

These tokens are the basis for the platforms revenue sharing system through dividend distribution.

Goosebet Token Distribution Table

Total Supply: 200,000,000 GBT tokens with the distribution as follows:

  • Players - 50%

  • Team - 20%

  • Player Bonus Mechanics - 15%

  • Marketing - 10%

  • Hourly Race - 5%

Goosebet tokens will not be withdrawable during the initial launch of the casino, instead the tokens will be available to withdraw 90 days from day 1 of launch. This is to prevent hurting the mining incentives created by the GBT tokens. Once 90 days has passed, players can either keep there tokens in their accounts or continue accruing dividends on a daily basis. Players will also have the option to withdraw to an exchange and trade them. Once the tokens have officially been listed on an exchange I will update this post.


Players essentially start mining GBT tokens when they start playing any the games available on the Goosebet platform. Every 60 seconds your GBT balance will update accordingly. Depending on the size of the bet will determine how much GBTs you receive. So to give you a clear picture, on the first day of the casino's launch, players earned 1 GBT for wagering 800 TRX or it's equivalent in the other available cryptocurrencies. Then everyday there after the mining rate increases by 5 TRX.

So if we continued with this example, on day 2, players wagered 805 TRX to mine 1 GBT. All tokens are distributed immediately after every bet is made no matter the size, large or small. So whether you bet a fraction of a penny or $10 USD, the player will get the expected share of GBTs. Again, GBT balances are updated every minute so you know exactly how many tokens your mining with.

Some games will provide a higher mining rate compared to others with every given bet. The biggest differences in mining rates are between in-house games and the slots. This information is displayed on the website so that every player will know exactly what they will earn for playing the game in question. The players keep the full amount of GBT earned from mining however for every 1 GBT mined to the player an additional 1 GBT is going to the casino as outlined in the whitepaper. Basically, the GBT that goes to Goosebet is to supply various aspects of the casino including the team, marketing, and/or player bonuses.


The dividends derive from the profits Goosebet casino earns from the players. By operating a profit sharing system like this, it allows the casino to incentivize the players to continue playing, deposit on a regular basis, and for players to constantly try and grow their GBT balances to earn a bigger share of the profits and earn Gooserank rewards. The Distribution pool is pretty easy to understand, when players lose, the dividend pool rises and when players win the dividend pool decreases.

However due to the casino's "House Edge" the profits will continually rise over time so token holders i.e. the players will profit no matter what.

The dividends are distributed proportionally based on how many tokens a player has either deposited or mined. So for example, if a player owns exactly 1% of the total GBT distributed on the platform then he/she would earn 1% of that days distributed dividends.

Goosebet casino dividend distribution model

The distribution of the dividends will be paid out at an adjustable percentage over time as to ensure the survival of the casino and produce longevity. So on the first day the casino went live, the distribution sat at 15% profit share. Everyday following the percentage will continue to slowly drop 0.2% until it flattens out at 3% profit sharing. Goosebet constructed this model to attract players early on but to also ensure the casino can stay successful at earning profits with continuous dividends. The pool distribution flattens at 3% approx. 60 days after launch which at the time of writing is article is about 34 days away. So for players who are reading this now, there is still plenty of time to take advantage and earn a very high percentage of the casinos profits.


This is one of the best features on Goosebet casino because you won't find these types of rewards anywhere else. With each cryptocurrency that can be played with on Goosebet there is a wager reward system in place. There are 10 levels that can be reached with each level paying out a larger reward than the previous one. So if you look at the picture below you can see all the rewards paid with each new rank a player hits.

Goosebet casino's Gooserank reward system

Lets say Bill is playing his favorite games on Goosebet using Tron, once he reaches the first level Bill will receive 50 TRX as a reward. Once Bill hits the 2nd level, the reward is 450 TRX. What really makes this rewards system so interesting is how large the rewards can get up to. Reach level 5 and get 40,000 TRX, level 8 get's you 500,000 TRX and when you reach level 10 which is the last rank level for Tron, the reward is a whopping 3,000,000 TRX. At current prices with Tron sitting at $0.0187 per coin, the player would receive $56,000 as a reward for level 10 and for being a loyal player.

Now remember, every player can repeat this process four times over with each individual cryptocurrency. Play with bitcoin and earn 10 btc in total, use ethereum and earn 500 ETH, and lastly play with USDT and earn !00,000 USDT in total. That is pretty amazing because no other casino gives out these kinds of crazy rewards. Don't get me wrong though, it won't be easy reaching these high levels in the Gooserank system but it's certainly achievable and worth the reward.

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