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Atari Making a Comeback? A Look into the Atari Casino Plus the Atari Token Pre-sale

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Atari's casino and Atari token coming mid-late 2020
Atari casino and Atari token presale

Atari has been an iconic brand starting out as an Arcade game company and eventually evolving to home video game consoles. Atari was established in 1972 and since then has been owned by many different entities. With infamous games like Pong a new generation of gaming consoles was born when the Atari 2600 came out. Unfortunately due to numerous problems within the company including material costs they were unable to to continue making profitable home video game consoles past the 90's.

However more recent, in the last 8+ years with CEO Fred Chesnais leading the company, he managed to take Atari out of bankruptcy, cleared $31 million in company debt and turned the company profitable currently earning roughly $20 million annually with now zero debt. The last few years they have been creating game apps for both iOS and Android and have been really successful with 9 games and millions of downloads. Atari also has real money gambling games serving Europe and Africa which leads me to my next point...

Atari's Casino Will Be A Crypto Casino

What has become interesting is how busy Atari and CEO Fred Chesnais has been in just the two years as they have big plans with the future launch of their crypto casino, the Atari Token, and even the Atari exchange. With a launch of their Atari casino in the coming months, this could be just what the Atari company needs to get things rolling again. Although the CEO Fred Chesnais has turned the company completely around earning $20+ million dollars annually the company is still relatively small.

As mentioned, Atari currently has casino operations prominent in Europe and Africa while at the same time developing concepts for the launch of their crypto casino. So it's safe to say the company does have experience with gambling markets plus add the years of gaming experience and you have a recipe for a potential smashing success story.

There are also many benefits that come with a crypto casino which is played with digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin versus a traditional fiat casino played with USD or Euro. Firstly, crypto payments are much quicker giving players access to their funds within minutes compared to days with fiat. Players also won't have to input any of their personal banking info or debit/credit card numbers. If Players live in countries with broken financial systems or don't have tradition banking can turn to crypto and still get access to the casino. The list goes on, transaction fees are just pennies compared to hefty fees with international wires and so on.

New Generation of Gambling With Atari's Skill Based Games

Atari has plans to add 100's of games both created in-house along with 3rd party providers. However, what really makes Atari's new crypto casino exciting isn't the classic games that you find at most online casinos but their new line of skill based games including games with both skill and luck mixed in known as hybrid games. With a new generation of players gambling these days, they want to see skill based games. In fact, a recent poll conducted by Synergy Blue - a provider of gaming solutions bringing skill based games to casino markets; says that 70% of casino executives are looking for new games to attracted bigger demographics, particularly the millennials.

With Atari adding these hybrid games to their crypto casino, a much bigger demographic becomes available when compared to traditional casinos. Having skill based games integrated with gambling makes for a lot of fun and on top of a much bigger market it also increases playing time making players feel they are getting their money's worth. Skill games are a very big market for millennials while traditional online slots are not so incorporating these skill games with Atari's casino is a very smart move.

Atari Brand Will Be Present

When it comes to design for this crypto casino, for all you die hard Atari fans, rest assured the casino will have that signature Atari brand incorporated into it. The end result I believe will be a very modern, edgy attractive looking casino.

The Atari Token

The Atari token (ATRI) is currently live in it's 2nd round of the presale. This round for those who are interested, can buy Atari tokens for just $0.08 per token using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. There will be a total supply of 7,771,000,000 Atari tokens in circulation.

The Atari token (ATRI) was built using the Ethereum protocol (ERC-20) and it's main purpose is to have as many use cases as possible and eventually become a means of payment within the interactive entertainment industry. Some use cases for the Atari token to start will include playing games in the Atari casino and staking Atari tokens with either 3 month or 6 month terms to earn 3% & 6.5% interest, respectively.

Another objective for the company and the Atari token is providing liquidity to all token holders. They plan on the Atari token listed on exchanges by mid-late 2020.


It will be very exciting to see how this project plays out for Atari and the shareholders as Atari Chains parent company is a publicly traded company. If they play their cards right they can certainly make a fantastic crypto casino that all players can enjoy. I think the experience is solid with the current CEO and in terms of creating fun and exciting games.

I also imagine after the token sale completes all presale and public rounds they will have the funds to make this project stand out in the crowd. The Atari brand is strong, iconic and that alone gives them a leg up.

The only downside is the white paper isn't currently available yet however they plan on releasing the whitepaper before the public sale begins. Once the white paper becomes available the bigger picture will become more clear.



Please be aware investing comes with financial risk and can potentially lose part or the whole investment without proper due diligence. We do not own any shares or tokens by Atari and we were Not compensated in any way for writing this article however we do believe in the project and want to see it succeed.

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