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Earn Bitcoin By Writing On Stake Casino's Pay-Per-Post Forum

Updated: Mar 27, 2019


For any gamers out there that love Writing on forums and communicating with like-minded people, Stake Casino offers a fantastic forum that anyone can join which is called the Stake Forum. This forum is a pay-per-post forum where gamers and non-gamers go to discuss all sorts of different topics that people love to talk about like casinos, Cryptocurrency, individual games, tips & tricks, and non-related gaming topics. They literally have a topic on everything you can think of. However this isn't just any gaming forum, the Stake forum pays you Bitcoin for the content you create and share. Some of the things you get paid for are creating new topic threads, commenting on other players topics, there are all sorts of ways to get paid for your contribution to the community.

EARNING BITCOIN When you join the Stake Forum it's a good idea to have a account on there casino first. The reason is whenever you earn over 2,000 Satoshi, you have the option to instantly transfer the Bitcoin right over to you account balance in the casino. From there you can either play the casinos games or withdraw instantly to your Bitcoin wallet. If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet then check out our Crypto wallets page to browse the different wallets and choose the right right one for you. That's one of the reasons why this forum is so great because unlike other pay-per-post forums, Stake's forum doesn't make you spend the Bitcoin at there casino, they give you options. REPUTATION Now after you create an account at Stake casino and the Stake forum, everyone starts out with a "Noob" status. During this time your account is being reviewed by an algorithm which determines what kind of content you are contributing, how other players respond to your content, and how your reputation develops within the community. Whenever a person creates a topic or comments, other players have the option to respond using Stake's emoji's. Every time this happens, you get one point added to your reputation. There is no reason to worry because as long as your not spamming the forum, you will be just fine. Once you contribute between at least 15 and no more than 30 posts and/or topics, you will then start getting paid in Bitcoin for all your posts thereafter. In fact, you can earn up too 5,000 Satoshi ($0.17 at current Bitcoin prices) for just one post. The forum determines what your post is worth by length and quality. Obviously if you leave two words you are obviously going to get very little or nothing at all. But to give you an idea, the average post is about 2-3 sentences and will earn you about 500 Satoshi.

Stake casino - forum rewards


As you can see in the picture above what the rewards dashboard looks like. Here each user can see their current forum balance in the form of Satoshi, the rewards history of what each user has made up to date, and a graph of your balance over time. When you want to withdraw your balance you will go to this page and click the arrow next to the amount displayed. Once clicked, a drop down menu displays with a few different options available. Click the "transfer" option and your balance will immediately get transferred to your Stake Casino account. Once it's in your account you can play or withdraw to a Bitcoin wallet as described above.

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