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This Fun Bitcoin Gambling Platform Allows Users To Play 65 Different Cryptocurrencies.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019 review

LuckyGames is a very exciting platform to gamble your bitcoin and/or many other cryptocurrencies (65 in total) you wish to use. Luckygames offers many great features on their platform for their players offering six(6) different games in total including weekly contests, monthly giveaways, cryptocurrency exchange for switching out coins, instant withdrawals, a store to buy cool electronics and other great stuff. They also have a cool chatroom to bounce strategies and tips with other players plus a lucrative referral program. The best part about Luckygames is all their games are Provably Fair which can be verified at any time during gameplay plus a 1% house edge allowing players the ability to win massive amounts of crypto. dice


The Dice platform is very simple to use for both desktop and mobile and exciting to play. It's unlike a traditional dice platform which makes it more exciting for the users. This dice games also has a jackpot which can be won at anytime when a players i.d. matches the last 6 numbers of the hash result for each roll. This game is Provably Fair which can always be verified below the game.

luckygames roulette


LuckyGames roulette is another exciting game to play. It's your typical American roulette table, easy to play for both mobile and desktop. This game is Provably Fair which can always be verified below the game in real-time. The gameplay is pretty fast so each game doesn t take long at all which makes it more enjoyable. balls


The Balls game is a unique game to play and you won't do d it anywhere else. The game is very simple, you have 8 ball number 1 - 8 which are lined up one by one and you select however many you would like. The more you select, the lower your win multiplier goes. Once you select the amount of balls the game start and what happens is a magnet will glide back & forth above the balls until it comes to a random stop picking up one of the 8 balls. If the ball selected is one of the players chosen balls then the player wins the bet. cells


Cells is a lot of fun because it's very similar to the old school computer game, Mines. Mines was a game where the user starts with let's say 20 squares. You would then select a random square and there is either a number or a mine. If its a number, this indicates how many mines surround that square.

luckygames cells

With Cells, you select random cell panels and there is either a number underneath or it's empty. The number represents the multiplier for your bet, anywhere from 1.2 - 5. If you get an empty cell panel then you lose your bet. Each round, the player has 75 cells to uncover and then a new round begins, It's that simple. What can make it exciting is you are going against other players so you are essentially racing to get the high numbered cells before your opponents do. hacker


Hacker is currently in BETA. You can use only LUCKY-token to play it.Imagine, that you are professional hacker! You need to hack as many websites as you can and escape before getting busted. There are 40 cells available. You can choose from 1 up to 38 websites to be hacked in a row. House Edge - 1% (each hacked website).This game was created for the purpose of warning the real hackers not to abuse bugs or injections and report them to website administrator - you will be rewarded.Special thanks to the websites who joined this slogan and kindly agreed to provide their logos. giveaways


Randomly throughout the month LuckyGames will host giveaways for the players which means anyone can be randomly selected to win cryptocurrency. So for instance right now they are giving away 10,000 satoshis to 1,000 people. You can enter these giveaways by going over to their forum page and enter your User I.D where requested.

CONTESTS - Daily | Weekly | Monthly

LuckyGames Contests is another benefit when playing at this platform because they host daily, weekly, and monthly contest for players to have a chance at winning some extra bitcoin. All players are automatically entered into the contests and all you have to do us play. Whoever wagers the most in any of their games will take a prize paying the top 10 contestants. lucky store


Last but not least LuckyGames offers players a great V.I.P. Rewards program chance to win some cool prizes like a PlayStation, iphones, and much more.

When players sign up they each start with a certain amount of Lucky tokens. You can use these tokens on the games just like any other cryptocurrency. The only difference is you can't exchange then for other cryptocurrencies. Players can claim lucky tokens every day if their balance is below a certain amount. Once you have enough you can go to the Lucky Store and but some cool stuff.

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