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Have You Played At Stake Casino Yet? Offering Exciting & Unique Games For Your Bitcoin Gambling

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

** Update #2: 8/19/19 ** | Stake Casino has completely redesigned their platform with a whole new look and even more excitement. Now with even more great features for all types of players (high rollers & low rollers) you won't need to play anywhere else. With new additional games like Video Poker and the latest addition of the infamous Crash game, it has become non-stop excitement. On top of that they are currently in the process of adding slots to their platform. Get more details about Stakes new features by reading our Stake casino review on our website.

Stake has really been stepping it up lately and with their new daily $1k - $5k races the intensity is unbearable. They have also restructured their VIP program set up in different tiers like bronze, silver, gold, platinum and double platinum.

** End of update **

Stake Casino is a unique and entertaining platform to win some Bitcoin. Their beautiful interface and simple functionality makes the gaming experience addictive and fun. Stake has certainly been making some noise the last few months with their exciting games, players ability to earn badges (recently changed to Stars) as players climb up the ranks. And if you ever get lonely you can always chat with the many other players about strategies or tips on how to possibly win lots of money.


With the casinos game selection you surely will never get bored when playing here as they offer a gaming platform to acquire anyone's taste with 11 different games to choose and a 12 game coming soon. Some of those games include: Dice, Blackjack, Plinko, Diamond Poker, Chart-bet, Hi-Lo and more. One of their popular games, Mines is a huge hit with the players. The goal of this game is to select a tile or square which awards a certain amount of money. However before you play the game you need to set how many bombs you want to play with. There are a total of 24 tiles that can be selected. Now obviously with the more bombs you have the harder it becomes and the more money you earn with each tile selected. You can choose to cash out at any time during gameplay or keep going and see just how far you can go. This is one of our favorite games that Stake offers to their players.

*Players have won multipliers in the millions which is really amazing when it comes to winning ability*


Stake Casino uses Provably Fair technology to ensure you have peace of mind during users game play. Every bet can be verified for its integrity quickly and easily.


"Stake is a place for intelligent gambling to exist, from our transparent house edges to our simple win chance based multipliers, stake is the only place, people who truly understand gambling go to, not only to enjoy themselves but also go to seek fortune."


** Update #1 1/19/19 ** | Stake casino now accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum, and dogecoin, and now ripple

** End of update **

Currently the only deposit options is Bitcoin, which provides near-instant deposits and withdrawals so it's a much better than the alternative of fiat. All deposits are credited to the players stake account after one confirmation.

All withdrawals are sent instantly to players designated wallet address without any type of waiting times required (management approvals or any other type of delays).


Stake offers wonderful customer service for their players. If you have any questions or concerns then just send them a message through live chat and their friendly support will take care of your needs. They certainly put their players first in all regards. Even the owners communicate on a daily basis with the players, you just don't see that anywhere else.


If you haven't played at Stake Casino yet, we highly recommend to do so as you will definitely not regret it. Stake is one of the few casinos with complete transparency and it's a brand you can absolutely trust.They offer an exciting gaming experience, unique from anywhere else. With such a loyal following and community it's clear why there #1 in our book. So sit back and relax and go win some Bitcoin.

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