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Make Sure Your Next Gift Card Is The CryptoCurrency Ether Card

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

ether cards - ethereum gift cards

Introducing Ether Cards which enables the ability to load Ethereum or Tokens (ERC-20) onto each card. For the cost about $3.00 for each card and free worldwide shipping these cards are a great way to send a gift to your friends or family to get them familiar with cryptocurrency.

Ether cards, Ethereum gift cards anyone can buy

Each Ether Card has it's own unique Ethereum address printed on the back in QR form and text form including your own private key hidden under a scratch-off panel.To use one, simply scan the code, deposit some Ether or tokens using your favourite wallet app, and give it to the lucky recipient.

When they want to redeem it, they can scratch off the panel, and use their own wallet app to 'sweep' the funds into their newly created account.

Each unscratched card's security is guaranteed by a smart contract.

Ether Cards, instructions on how to load ethereum onto their ether cards

Go to MyCrypto and click "Send Ether". Under "Select the format of your private key", choose "Mnemonic Phrase". Enter the phrase on the back of your card, and click "Unlock". If your card has a QR code instead of a phrase, see the instructions for redeeming a classic ether card. When you click Unlock, you will be presented with a list of addresses and balances. The first address in the list (already selected) will match the one printed on the card. Click "Unlock". You will be shown information about your Ether Card account, including account balances, and a form to send funds to other Ethereum accounts. You can also send tokens using "Send Tokens" in the menu at the top of the screen. We highly recommend generating a new wallet - either using MyCrypto or the client of your choice - and transferring your funds onto that account. Remember to back up your accounts!

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