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The Newest and Most Advanced Hardware Wallet Is Here, Introducing The Ledger Blue.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

ledger blue  hardware wallet review

Look out Trezor and KeepKey because the New Ledger Blue Is about to change the game in hardware wallets and blockchain tech. This new device boasts a 3.5 inch touchscreen display, multi-application execution, enterprise-level crypto capabilities into a lightweight handheld device, designed and crafted in France. Architectures around a secure element, this touch-screen handheld device has many great features like multi-app support, Bluetooth connectivity and along USB capabilities. The advanced operating system supports easy installation of applications with it's featured Quick-launch dashboard. This also comes with free firm-ware upgrades and enterprise app licensing and support.

ledger blue hardware wallet specs

The Ledger Blue comes to the market for sale on July 9th, 2018 which is just a few days from now. With over two years of research and development from the developers at Ledger, the Ledger Blue will be the most advanced mult-function device to date. Boasting a large touchscreen (3.5in), about half the size of a apple iphone, it securely manages transactions and complex smart contracts simple & extremely fast. This best-in-class technology is built upon a Blockchain Open Ledger Platform (BOLOS), a powerful and flexible Operating System.

ledger blue hardware features


The Ledger Blue Is based on a Dual-Chip architecture embedding a ST31 secure element and a STM32 microcontroller thus achieving a fully isolated environment. It features a LED-backlit color touchscreen to navigate easily and validate transactions. It is powered by a lipo rechargeable battery and communicates with USB or Bluetooth* devices.

Design and App

Thanks to its modular architecture, the Ledger Blue runs multiple dedicated companion apps in full isolation on top of its firmware. The strong security model allows to add new cryptocurrencies or apps without risk of compromising the master seed. Transaction integrity is ensured by the WYSIWYS paradigm (What You See Is What You Sign). The flexibility of the device enables enterprise level usage: with all major crypto libraries embedded in the firmware, any type of blockchain can be supported.



- Battery powered - 500mA LiPo

- Bluetooth (BLE 4.1)

- USB 2.0 Full Speed, NFC (requires firmware update) Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS

- the Ledger Blue can operate with any computer and smartphone.

TOUCHSCREEN - 3.5 inch display - Full color, 320x480 pixels

- Anti-scratch glass - LED-backlit

MULTI-APPS - Install & remove apps with Ledger Manager - Free firmware upgrades - Enterprise app licensing & support

SECURITY - Secure Element: EAL6+ / ST31 - BOLOS isolation technology - 4 to 8 digit PIN code


- WYSIWYS - Malwares, viruses - Man in the middle attacks - Proof of presence

BACKUP & RESTORATION The configuration of your device is backed up on a recovery sheet. Easy restoration on any Ledger device or compatible wallets. - Built-in onboarding and configuration - BIP39 and BIP44 standards - 12, 18 or 24 words recovery

Overall this is the next-gen technology for hardware wallets and as soon as it becomes available on the market july 9th these will sell fast. So if you are interested in getting one then make sure you are reading on that day. The Ledger Blue Is a wallet you should consider if you are a person who buys many different cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens and you will be able to buy one of these wallets for the price of $267.00 at retail.

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