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Free Crypto Airdrops with the Platform

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Earn | Earn bitcoin for completing tasks, if your not a member of the Platform or maybe you haven't heard of them yet, they are a blockchain technology startup. They act like a social platform of sorts where users can earn bitcoin by setting up email integration, completing tasks and/or surveys, and receive free Ethereum token airdrops. These services are so simple to setup and the platform is free to use so why not take advantage of this service. The user count is growing so fast, which is positive to see so many people interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. In fact, in April of 2018 Coinbase the digital currency startup based in San Francisco acquired Earn for a estimated $100 million.

So without anymore delay let's get right into it and discuss how each feature works on the platform. It's very simple so don't worry, you too can be making bitcoin in no time at all. - Get Paid to Answer Emails


You can integrate your email whether you have a gmail account or institutional email from work, school or your business you can integrate it with the Earn platform. This will allow you to bounce any type of senders you want. Once you do this, the senders will then get a notification that they must pay you in order to get an response from you. The amount the sender would pay is entirely up to you which is set when you set up your profile. It can be $1 - $5 - $20 - $100. This is also a very clever way to block spam if your inbox is getting flooded with nonsense. However even better is as emails come in, you can then choose to put them on a list of "allowed senders" or "bounce" which kicks the email back to the sender. - how to answer messages and complete tasks


When your officially a member of the platform, you need to join the lists that are available to receive paid tasks & surveys. Once you are verified on the platform your next step will be to join as many of these lists as you can. Some of these lists include: "Cryptocurrency Investors", "Facebook Users", or "Python Users" , to name a few. There are many different lists to join so there shouldn't be a problem finding a few lists you can relate to. Now when you sign up to join the list you must get approved.

The verification is a process the company must complete to avoid spammers, bots, or abusers which can be troublesome with these types of platforms. Once you are members of the lists you join you will start receiving paid surveys and tasks on a random basis. On average each task is about 3 - 5 questions so they don't take long to complete. Each task pays on average $1 - $4 in Bitcoin. Not bad if you ask me considering the little work required. However their are users that get up $50 & $100 per task or survey. airdrops


Receive free cryptocurrency Airdrops in the form of ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens. When you are member of the platform you can opt-in to receive free airdrops through your profile. When you agree to this you will receive airdrops of all the new tokens the creators are trying to advertise, usually in the amount of $2 - $7 in that specified token.

This is a new feature has integrated and is a very smart one on their part. Before if you wanted to get an airdrop from a new token issuer you had to, well pretty much beg on Twitter or Telegram. Even then, you usually wouldn't receive anything. Now with earn, not only do you get a guaranteed airdrop but before it get's sent, you first get a paid email from the token issuer asking if you want to receive the free tokens in the first place.


If you are interested in joining then you should because it's a great way to earn some bitcoin on your free time. Even if your not familiar with bitcoin or cryptocurrency you can still use the platform. In fact it would be a great way to get involved and learn how bitcoin and blockchain technology works. Now that Coinbase has bought the company i can only imagine it will even better with improvements all around.

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