The New MobyTrader App Makes Bitcoin Trading Fun.

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

For All you crypto traders out there I would like to introduce the MobyTrader. This is a newer trading app is very exciting to use as it presents a different way of trading. You can chat with friends, watch others trade, look up past trades, trading academy, technical analysis and so much more. Currently you can only use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals but they plan to add other cryptocurrencies in the future. If you enjoy the simple options trading platforms with either a "high" or "low" trading choices then you will probably like this platform although it's a bit different from those models.

With the MobyTrader app you have different assets to choose from as well as time frames. The concept involves predicting where you think the price will go depending on your bet. In the picture above you can see how the chart is separated with blocks. Essentially you choose which block the chart will go to in real-time. If the price of the asset equals the block chosen you win the trade with a random multiplier depending on difficulty. The picture below shows the time intervals you can choose as well as the multipliers in each block

In picture 4 you can see I have chosen the specific block I want the price to land on once it reaches my block

Overall this is a fun app to use and make bitcoin with your trading skills ( although little skills are required)

You can look at past trades allowing all your history for wins and losses. Chat with other traders to get tips and ideas that you can bounce off each other. Watch other traders as they trade to discover new strategies. Use technical analysis like moving averages, Bollinger bands to build your own strategy and so much more.

Deposits and withdrawals are fairly quick and efficient. This is our editors choice as the Trading app of the month, the MobyTrader.

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