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Berminal App: Gateway To Instant Crypto News & Get 50 Free BERM Tokens using Invite Code b25196a

Berminal | Gateway To Instant Crypto News

I must say Crypto trading is not for the faint of hearts as it's probably one of the hardest markets to trade in because the volatility is so Extreme. All it takes is minutes or seconds for a trade to go completely wrong with mass losses occurring. Just look at bitcoin for example, the price peaked around $20,000 in the end of December of 2017. As soon as January came it took a turn for the worst and in a matter of a couple weeks $44 Billion in market cap was lost. Of course it didn't stop their as the prices continued to decline not only in bitcoin but all digital assets. Fast forward to today, at the time of this writing the price of bitcoin is sitting at $8,260 with a market cap of $141 billion.

Just recently bitcoin has once again become a bull market of course there is no telling just how long it will last. However with the right tools at hand crypto traders will try to make a educated guess in hopes of leading down the right path to success. One of these trading tools I will be taking about is Berminal, plus users will earn 50 Free Tokens when they sign up with our invite code.

Introducing the Berminal App available for both the Apple store and Google's Play store. Once you download the app, just enter our Invite Code: b25196a9 and you will instantly receive 50 Berminal Tokens currently valued at $0.05 per token. The app is also totally free to use. So hurry because this deal might not last once the token is launched.

Now let's talk about what the Berminal App does. As they state " Gateway to Instant Crypto News" but can also does so much more. Besides getting real-time news updates from all major news sources in categories like featured, regulation, top influences, Berminal users can also track their favorite digital assets in real-time.

Other features include being able to save important news articles, see which new coins are launching on the Mainnet, information on any particular asset such as market cap, circulation, launch date, active investors and even what kind of mining algorithm it uses. There is so much detail on each asset it makes things much easier for buyers and traders.

So if you haven't had a chance to check out Berminal yet, we certainly recommend to do so because this is a great tool to have.

Berminal Invite Code: b25196a9

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