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Genesis-mining Relaunches Their Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contracts.

Genesis-mining | Cloud Mining Contracts

That's right ladies & gentlemen, Genesis-mining is finally once again offering new bitcoin cloud mining contracts. Except this time around they are much better with a few added upgrades.for those who are unfamiliar, Genesis had to stop offering new contracts for all their cryptocurrency offerings because demand was so high to couldn't keep up. So by pausing new contracts it allowed them to focus on their current customers. Well now they are back and with vengeance.


Let's quickly go over their new bitcoin contracts and the upgrades that now come with them.


1. They started by building new large-scale data centers with a lot of technical improvements and efficiency optimizations based on GM Radiant.

2. They are resolving service request backlogs 3. working towards a modernized and more efficient service offer for their customers

Genesis-mining | Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Contracts:

1. There new contracts now have a Five(5) year run-time which is a total of 60 months of constant mining.

2. This upgrade is one of my favorites as they have finally reduced their maintenance fee. Now it’s Only 0.14 USD per TH/s per day!

3. They have finally got rid of their "pre-sale" contracts, now all mining contracts go live as soon as you purchase them!

4. They have reduced minimum transaction thresholds (Controlled by user!)

Genesis-mining states in their blog:

"We are able to offer such terms by increasing our efficiency and, in turn, reducing our maintenance costs substantially. We are determined to offer the most competitive and reliable service offering that beats all competitors on the market."

We also wanted to mention that BitcoinCash mining contracts are also available if you are interested in those. This sounds like they are really trying to step it up so I have to hand it to Genesis-mining. As a thank you to all our subscribers and readers we wanted to share this discount offering 3% in savings on your first mining contract.

Just Enter this code exactly as you see it when you checkout: SXEgae

If you have any questions just send us a message at:

Good luck!

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