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There Is No Lottery Like The TrueFlip Blockchain Lottery Offering Jackpots From 1 - over 400 Bitcoin

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

trueflip lottery
Trueflip Blockchain Lottery

TrueFlip Blockchain Lottery is certainly filled with lots of excitement becoming known as the most legitimate lottery system available to the world. That's right, this lottery is available to everyone no matter where you live and the odds are better than any other lottery system you will find local or abroad. With now 5 different games available with the ability to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Tickets range from a few cents and up so everyone has the ability to play. Lets not forget all new users will get a free ticket when they sign up to test out the platform.

What is Blockchain Lottery?

Cryptocurrencies quickly seized the online gambling market turning into the most popular means of payment methods among gambling websites. Until recently, only a handful of resources accepted bitcoins, but today its integration into payment systems has become ubiquitous. Many participants of the online gambling market believe that the cryptocurrencies will continue to occupy this industry. This mostly happens due to its lower regulators control relative to fiat money for both players and online operators. It looks like cryptocurrencies are turning into the most reliable, transparent and profitable medium of circulation for the online gambling industry.

Soon the online casinos and blockchains will become as familiar as the Internet. With the induction of blockchain technology, which gives transparency and cross-border dimension to the whole industry, it became possible to make an honest international game. Moreover, thanks to the new trend of smart contracts, thus Trueflip’s games can belong to the community and not to a handful of stakeholders.

So, when we talk about a lottery based on blockchain technology, we are talking about linking the wide lottery participation in the whole gambling market to the constant and other advantages include:

- no need to identify users;

- no restrictions on the amount of transactions;

- acceleration of payments;

- lowering the minimum payment threshold


TrueFlip Payout Structure

TrueFlip Blockchain Lottery | Prize Distribution
Trueflip's distribution of prize fund

As you can see in the picture above the odds to winning a prize are very favorable compared to tradition lottery systems you will find offline. To give you an example of how favorable TrueFlips Lottery odds are i will compare two of the most popular lottery games offline known as the Power ball & Mega Milliions which bring in astounding amounts of money from players across the United States. Now with the Power ball although it can get up to jackpot amounts in ranges of 200 million to over 1 billion dollars, the odds of winning that are in fact ridiculous. The Power ball odds are 1 in 292,201,338, and the odds of winning the jackpot for the Mega Millions are 1 in 258,890,850. These odds are so high that it is tough to imagine winning at all.

Now when we take a look at the odds of winning a jackpot on TrueFlips Blockchain Lottery well these odds are very favorable with 1 in 49,504,950. Now to the best part, maybe your asking "well how much can be won with Trueflips jackpots?" and the answer is a lot of money. If a player wins the jackpot on Trueflip, well their jackpot currently sits at 400.15 Bitcoins. At current bitcoin prices that equals US$3,396,761.

TrueFlip Games

trueflip casino games
Trueflip's in-house casino games

You will now find 4 exciting games that users can play at TrueFlip, ranging from small prizes to medium and larger prizes. The best part is you can play with as little as 0.00002 Bitcoin so you don't even need to spend a lot of money if you don't want to but still have a chance to win a big prize. Now because the biggest jackpot game runs once a day, some of their other games available for instant prizes. For example, a offline lottery ticket (scratch card) you would buy in the store are instant, where you scratch the boxes and instantly find out if you won or not. This feature is very similar except you are not scratching any cards you are playing different types of games with the same result.

1. Flip's Star: The game is based on the Powerball principle. However, they have decided to significantly increase the winning possibility by reducing the total amount of numbers from 69 to 49, which gives about a 1.3 time more significant chance to win than the one available in the Powerball itself. Choose the number of tickets that you would like to fill out and send to the draw. Fill them out manually or automatically (randomly by the system). If desired, the selected bet may not only play in the upcoming run but also play in several future ones. They accept all primary cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Dogecoin. Fund deposits/withdrawals are instant and secured by 2FA and e-mail verification. All related transactions appear on the blockchain, so they are easy to check & verify authenticity. About 60% of the ticket sale earnings are to join the Prize fund. For your comfort, we have also developed Flipcoin, an exclusive in-game reward system. Flipcoins will be awarded for exchanges using cryptos, TFL tokens, and for supporting our products.

1. Rapid to the Moon: Rapid To The Moon a fast numerical fair game, which takes place every 10-30 minutes. In this game, the main field is divided into two parts in each of which a player must choose numbers (eight in the first part and at least one in the second). In order to make an expanded bet, choose more than one number in the second part. Thus, you could increase chances of winning and the amount of possible winnings.

2. Chain's Code: Chain's Code is an instant numerical game based on the Ethereum blockchain network, where you need to hit a winning combination of digits. The better the combo, the bigger the prize and the combination is formed in less than a minute, but it also depends on the block mining time within the Ethereum network. You can check on the block mining here on Etherscan.

3. Pirate Bay: Simply press the "Play" button in the left side bar – you will see the main game page. Find your balance in the header – also, set the balance to display in the most convenient way for you. Pirate Bay is a simple user-friendly game – just select 1 of the 3 cells in each of the game's 5-line fields. Each cell conceals a result – win, lose, or end the game without losing the amount you originally bet. The game goes up from the bottom to the top. Make your bet at the bottom of the screen and start the game by pushing the "Play" button.


Our Conclusion

TrueFlip Is very exciting to play because no institution or government controls this lottery, their is no "fixing" or "tampering" with all numbers coming from the blockchain technology and the best part is anyone can play across the globe. If you get a chance head to the site and enjoy this free ticket on us, this way you can try out a games and see how it works. Who knows maybe you will be the next jackpot winner. Good Luck!

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