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Get Your Bitcoin Gambling Fix With The OneHash Mutual Betting Platform.

The OneHash Platform is a rapidly growing mutual betting site offering many different games that users can play. They offer betting on Sports, Cryptocurrency prices Forex, commodities, stocks and Esports. They also feature a Dice platform, Slot machine, and their newest addition is called the "MOON" which basically is chart-betting where you place a bet and then try to cash out before their spaceship blows up as it climbs the chart. This particular game gives users the chance to win up too 100x, 500x, and even 5000x their original bet. They have near instant withdrawals with up too one hour maximum wait time. Today we are offering user a chance to claim a One time 100% deposit bonus of up too 1 bitcoin when you sign up.


With their newest game "Moon" users can place any bet size they like before the game starts and once the game does start, the goal is to cashout or close the bet before the rocket ship blows up. A new game starts ever 15 seconds or so after the last one finishes to give you time to place a new bet. They do have a auto feature so you don't have to place a bet every game. Everyone who plays has the potential to win massive amounts of bitcoin with a multiplier that could never stop as the rocket can potentially keep rise and rise past the moon.


With OneHash you can bet on many different sports as you bet against other people instead of the house. Under each game you can see the total bank of all bets placed in real-time. You can also see a multiplier attached to each team under their name which is variable depending on other users selections. Once the game finishes in real time it takes about an hour or two for the bet to finalize and the winnings get credited the players account.

Below you can see all the sports to bet on with their large selection you can be sure to find a sport you love.


And for all you Esport lovers out their OneHash offers a exciting platform allowing you to bet on various competitions like the Mid-season Invitational or LoL Pro League. Same rules apply as with Sports where you are betting against other users instead of the house. The final multiplier and prize pool is determined before the games start.


OneHash Dice platform is a fun way to increase your bitcoin winnings while you wait for the next Celtics vs. Sixers game to start up as the C's are about to shut the 76's out in the second round. The dice platform offers both manual and auto betting features. This game is "Provably Fair" which can be verified at any time during game play. Users can also change the seed as much as they want.


The OneHash Slot machine is an exciting game on their platform. The slot consists of three reels and three paylines going straight across. You can bet anywhere from 0.00000001 and up. This game boasts classic cryptocurrency symbols like bitcoin, ethereum, dash, Litecoin, and monero. They also include their OneHash Hashtag logo which pays the top prize paying out 1000x the bet if you get 3 hashtag symbols in a row. This game is also Provably Fair with the option to change seed settings at any time.


If you enjoy betting against other players then this is the OneHash is for you. They enable betting against sports, Forex, commoduties, Esports & More. They have a fun slot machine and chart betting platform to keep you entertained the whole time. All withdrawals are near instant with wait times up too 1- hour. OneHash is rapidly growing in popularity and it's clear why with all their exciting games and features. So if your looking for a new betting site then look no further and give OneHash a try. Don't forget their bonus for a limited time

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