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Get 4x Reward Points For Your Freebitcoin Faucet Claims.

Alexa's #1 Ranked Free Bitcoin Faucet

For those that are unfamiliar with the FreeBitcoin platform it's currently the #1 Bitcoin faucet ranked on Alexa. With so many great ways to earn bitcoin it's no wonder everyone loves this platform.

Every user is allowed to claim from the faucet every 60 minutes with the potential to win up to $200. When you claim a number between 0 - 10000 is randomly chosen so depending what you roll is the determined prize.

When your not claiming from the Bitcoin Faucet their are plenty of other ways to earn money. They have a Multiply game which you can play to increase your winnings up to 4000x your bet.

Another great feature is their Weekly Lottery with an average 1st place prize paying out 2 bitcoins. The lottery pays out 10 positions and you accumulate lottery ticks every time you claim from the faucet, play the dice game, and even I when your referrals do the same things you get lottery tickets. You can also buy tickets with your bitcoin as well.

Reward points are another great feature as users earn points for faucet claims, dice, and all your referral claims and dice rolls. The best part is what you can do with your points, you can convert them back into bitcoin or use them to buy cool electronics like iphones or music headphones. They offer a ton of cool stuff to buy with your points.

Let's not forget about how you earn Bitcoin Interest while you bitcoin sits in the Freebitcoin wallet. That's right you get 4.08% daily interest with any balances over 0.0003 btc so what are you waiting for. Get 4c the reward points before the weekend ends

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