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Get In On FortuneJack's New Contest: - "#Jackmate" & Win 1 Bitcoin (1,000 mbtc).

Enter the #JACKMATE contest for a chance to win one bitcoin

 That's right, FortuneJack Casino Is giving away 1 full Bitcoin to a lucky player this month and every month following until June of 2018. First to give you a little background, FortuneJack Casino has become a very popular online casino since to play at since their inception in 2014. They are a bitcoin casino meaning they don't accept fiat deposits and instead allow bitcoin and 7 other cryptocurrencies to deposit with. They offer instant deposits if you use bitcoin through the Bitgo digital wallet otherwise it usually takes anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes for your deposit to be credited. In terms of withdrawals, typically if it's under $5000 they are instant but over this amount and it needs to be manually reviewed and can take an hour or sometimes longer. This feature is one of their trademarks as they are one of the fastest casinos in the industry when it comes to getting your money. 

At FortuneJack you can do multiple activities like slot machines with 10 different providers (my personal favorite is the "Satoshi's Secret" slot from Endorphina), live tables, their popular dice platform, and many other various games. You certainly won't get bored when playing here. Best of all the mobile functionality of all their games work wonderfully when playing on your mobile phone. If you haven't played at this ,casino yet, you certainly should. Now let's talk about what this article is really about, the #Jackmate contest.

FortuneJack announced their new monthly contest called, #JACKMATE " and the rules are simple. All you need to do is make an impact in the Cryptocummunity. It can literally be anything, whether online or offline from building a informational blog or website, build something cool, maybe you created your own online crypto store, It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's related to cryptocurrency and can make a impact in some way. 

information on fortunejacks #JACKMATE contest with a prize of one bitcoin

Once you have made or done something and you are ready to share it, just tweet it out with the hashtag #JACKMATE and then share the tweet on FortuneJack's Discord channel . That's all it takes, then FortuneJack will pick the most positively influential impact and announce it on all their social media accounts like twitter, reddit, facebook and discord. So what are you waiting for?

 Good Luck Everyone!

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