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The Naga Mastercard Coming alive.

The Naga Card is a cryptocurrency platform offering users the ability to trade online and use a debit card for users around the world

For those of you unfamiliar with the Naga Token you will come to find out how the Naga Team will make it very easy to use you Crypto-currencies for shopping online or in stores. Frankly anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Now you might have hear of the bitpay card which is supported with visa and allows you to store bitcoin on the card and use the card as if it was a normal debit card. With the Naga card you will not only be able to use Bitcoin but almost any other crypto available.

the naga token trades on exchanges like hitbtc, binance, and others plus their platform allows users to trade forex and token pairs on the naga platform

The other difference with the Naga card is it's backed by it's token which is essentially run off of a decentralized blockchain. Forget about banks and other institutions that control your money. You will be the only one in total control of the money you load on this card. The token itself is traded on the exchanges in the picture above if your interested in investing with them. Their creators of this token are a solid group of members also involved in other projects making strong headway which you can read about on their site.

the Naga Coin is a cryptocurrency token tradable on exchanges like hitbtc and binance

Now they are currently giving away the first 10,000 cards for those who sign-up and provide proof of identity and residence. The downside is the United States is currently not supported with tgis card but hopefully in the near future that will change. So for everyone else go get your free Naga card before its too late.

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