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The Largest Bitcoin Faucet With The Potential To Win Up Too $200 Every Hour.

freebitcoin is a site to claim free bitcion and play dice, lottery, rewards and more

Bitcoin faucets have grown in quite the popularity since the surge in digital currency the past year. In fact there are over 50 million faucets online allowing you to claim some type of digital currency in the range of every 5 minutes to every hour. If fact it has become really easy to make your own digital currency faucets with platforms such as Faucetsystem or Faucethub however the particular platform I am speaking about is not your ordinary bitcoin faucet.

When creating a digital currency faucet all you really need is a excess amount of your chosen Crypto to make sure their is always enough in you faucet balance at all times as your potential users claim. The downside to creating your own faucet is making it become profitable. The goal is to make your money through advertising ads in hopes that your users will click them. You will notice if you have ever claimed from a faucet before the page will be flooded with ads. So badly in fact it can be very difficult or impossiible to claim any free coins. For that reason we don't display just any faucet on our site but rather the top rated faucets which you will only find at BitcoinGamingOnline .

Now don't get me wrong their are some really good faucets to claim from and we will tell you about the one faucet everyone should have saved in their bookmark page. is a bitcoin faucet to claim free bitcoin

Freebitcoin is by far the best bitcoin faucet currently available. Not only do you have a chance to win up to $200 with every hour but they also feature a weekly lottery, a multiplier game, compounded interest, reward points which can be converted into bitcoin or other things, and a decent refer-a-friend platform. is a bitcoin faucet to claim free bitcoin

1. Lottery - with every claim you get your bitcoin plus a set amount of lottery tickets and reward points. At the end of every week Freebitcoin had a raffle to win a massive amount of bitcoin. Through out the week a percentage of bitcoin goes into a pool which then gets raffles off to 10 lucky winners. Now when I tell you a massive amount of bitcoin can be won, I'm talking about 1st place usually takes 1.5 bitcoin or the equivalent of at the time of this post, $20,000 USD. I don't know any other faucet with this feature. Also all winnings are proven with the display of all transaction hashes (TXID's) and the wallet address which anyone can verify.

claim free bitcoin at with games like dice, lottery, rewards and even earn interest with your bitcoin

2. Reward points - the reward points are another cool feature as you can do many things with these points such as convert them into bitcoin, buy extra bonuses for example, add 1,000% to every claim for 24 hours. You can also buy cool products like hardware wallets and other stuff. is a free bitcoin faucet for anyone

3. Multiplier game - this game is similar to a dice platform if you ever came across one. You bet whether the roll outcome will be higher or lower than your set number. They also have a auto-feature which will automatically roll for you. is a free bitcoin faucet where players can claim free bitcoin, play dice, lottery, earn rewards, earn interest from their bitcoin, and even refer other players to earn extra cryptocurrency

4. Earn Interest - this is probably my favorite feature as you can earn interest which gets paid every day just for having your bitcoin sitting in your account. Now who doesn't like free money, I know I do. If you maintain at least 30,000 Satoshi you earn at a rate of 4.08% annual interest rate. Plus you can earn 25% of your referrals interest which gets me to my next point, referring friends.

5. Referrals - if you have some friends then sign them up because for every sign-up you do get you will recieve: 50% of their hourly claim, 0.25% of their multiply wager, & 25% of their daily interest. Plus on top of that you recieve 1 free lottery ticket and 2 reward points from their claims.

So don't wait any longer and start earning some free bitcoin now.

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