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Learn About The Award-Winning Forex Trading Platform SimpleFX. Users Can Trade With 500:1 Leverage U

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

If you haven't already stumbled across the award-winning SimpleFX forex trading platform then you just became one lucky person because we will break down all the great things this trading platform has to offer. When it comes to forex trading we believe this platform is sort of like a diamond in the rough because there are still many active traders and people that want to start trading, haven't heard of them yet, with so many amazing features and eye-poping interface you will be blown away. We will discuss where SimpleFX came from and all the amazing tools they offer for their traders using the platform.

simplefx forex trading platform

SimpleFX is the best forex platform currently available in our prospective and we truly believe know one will be disappointed when they start using the platform. First off, they allow 9 different options for deposits & withdrawals which is extremely convenient for users. Now anyone living in the United States, to make deposits and withdrawals you will have to use cryptocurrency. For users not in the United States you can use either cryptocurrency or other options like creditcard or epay services such as Skrill & Neteller. Now as for the cryptocurrency options, there are six(6) different coins you can use such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. If you need to buy some crypto just click whichever coin you need and a new page will open with different options to choose from our Buy Crypto page.

They have also just completed their brand new official Simplefx trading app for ios and android and which a link can be found on their home page. The functionality, colors, and one-touch features with advanced charting tools makes this a great app to use on the go. site Features | Forex Trading Platform

- Safety | Affiliate | Community

SimpleFX is very active with their users, always their to help out with questions or concerns. They also have cool give-a-ways where they give prizes like a free $250 and other cool stuff at least once a month on their facebook page.

explore simplefx features and what users can do on the trading platform as they trade forex, currencies, and cryptocurrency pairs

Another amazing feature they offer is lightning fast withdrawals. If you make a withdrawal in cryptocurrecy then you will have your money within 30 minuets of request although it can take up to 60 minutes. They provide extremely low trading fees and again, amazing customer support. Their isn't much more we can ask for with a solid forex trading platform such as this one. For these reasons we here at Bitcoin Gaming Online urges everyone interested in forex trading to at least try them out, Anyone can go to their website and give the platform a try with a Free Test-Drive and practice using their tools and features without even having to fill out any personal information.

Try simplefx for Free with our free test drive. Anyone can try our forex platform absolutely free without having to sign-up

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