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  • Play with ten(10) cryptocurrencies

  • Fast Withdrawals

  • Free Bitcoin Faucet

  • Chat box with Rain

  • Multiplayer Texas holdem poker


We are going to talk about a fairly new gaming platform called Luckyfish, and let us assure you it is alot of fun playing here. This online casino offers a fantastic assortment of games both classic and original that each player certainly enjoy. Even better, as we were browsing their game selection we noticed something really exciting their player vs player Texas holdem poker tables and that is the players were playing with Dogecoin. This is a brilliant idea because Luckyfish is currently only casino that lets players play Texas holdem poker with doge, but we will talk more about that further in. After playing at this casino many times now with each visit more exciting than the next, you would be crazy not to at least try their platform out, especially the Dogecoin enabled Texas holdem poker or Roulette tables.


Luckyfish casino offers a smaller but still very exciting selection of games that we know any player would love playing. Plus with new games getting added all the time you can count on being entertained. Some of their games available include Classic Dice which is always lots of fun, especially when hitting 99x your bet, players will find an assortment of exciting slots like Little Red Riding Hood and Chinese New Year with five in total currently but more slots are currently being developed. Then there's the smashing Dogecoin enabled Texas hold'em Poker tables which has already become very popular. Last but not least players can enjoy both the Roulette tables, and Video Poker, one of our favorites.

Luckyfish is aslo currently in the process of developing two more new games called Truco which looks like it's going to be lots of fun, and blackjack. So it's a very exciting time for Luckyfish players because with this being a newer casino, players get to be the first to experience all these exciting games and reap the rewards.

luckyfish slots selection

 They as you can see in the picture above, they have five(5) different slots to choose from with many that are currently being developed and new ones that come out regularly. The best part with their slots is the fact that they are all really simple to play and understand which allows for a enjoyable experience.



- RTP (Return To Player): 97.3%

- Min: 0.0000001 BTC

- Max: 0.50 BTC

texas holdem poker


- Dogecoin Only

- No Limit

- Nine(9) seats per table


Two of their most popular games right now are roulette and Texas holdem poker. Both games have unlimited tables so you know there is always room when a new player wants to sit down.  The Roulette tables can be played with any of the ten(10) cryptocurrencies that are accepted at Luckyfish which even includes USDT. Each Roulette table sites six(6) players although as we mentioned before there is always a new table if the current ones are filled. Players can bet as little as one(1) Satoshi and max bet currently sits at .5 bitcoin so yes high rollers are welcome of course. As the casino becomes more popular Im sure those max bet limits will rise. The Roulette tables are classic European style with the ability to bet numbers, lines, corners and so forth, their are no betting limitations which is a great feature.


The Texas holdem poker tables are Dogecoin only which is very exciting in our opinion because this  gives the ability to allow all types of players to play whether your just starting out or your pro.  If your new to the poker tables playing with dogecoin allows the players to risk less while having fun at the same time. Now if your a pro, don't worry because these tables are no limit so you can bet whatever your willing to risk. Each poker table sits nine(9) players and anytime a table fills a new table will begin. So if your the first person on the new table don't worry because the poker tables fill quickly. All the tables display the players emoji which can be a picture of anything he/she wants it to be. You can also chat with the players at any time.  If you fan of Texas holdem poker then you should try out these tables at Luckyfish.


All players can claim free cryptocurrency from the faucets at luckyfish. They are very generous to their players and allow then to claim as much as they want. That's right, there is no limit on how many times a player can claim which is really cool. However just make sure you don't abuse this great feature that way it will always be unlimited. 

free bitcon faucet


Luckyfish does offer customer support 24/7, they are there to help with any issues a player might have so don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one or if you need assistance just send them a message and they will help in any way possible. Wait times are quick and their responses are withing a few minutes usually so you won't have to wait long at all to get the answers your looking for.


Min: 0.003 BTC

Luckyfish players can withdraw there cryptocurrency instantly with their automated withdrawals. This allows players transactions to hit the blockchain immediately with no wait times. This is a extremely great feature to have because there is nothing worse then having to wait for your money. There are ten(10) cryptocurrencies accepted which include: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin cash, Dash, Stellar, Zcash, EOS, and Tether. 

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