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Dice games, whats not to love about them? If you enjoy them as much as us then you have come to the right place as we provide a great list of exciting dice platforms for you to try your luck. These games have great features like tournaments, chat clubs, levels and achievements. Most of these platforms have great loyalty and affiliate programs as well. So without wasting anymore time take a look and have Fun. Good Luck!


U.S. Players Welcome

DuckDice review



  • Highly Competitive Faucet and Regular Rain

  • Awards & Bonuses

  • House Edge sits at 1%

  • Licensed Gambling Site

  • Telegram Game Bot

  • Provably Fair


Duckdice is a gambling platform  licensed out of Curacao and have been in operation since 2016. They offer a unique dice gaming experience when compared to some of the other dice websites we review here. Duckdice offers a great user experience with lots of great features like contests & giveaways, awards or bonuses, rain in there chat box, leveled faucets and much more. The functionality of there platform on mobile is sublime with smooth seamless game play and beautiful graphics makes this a great game to pass time and try to double your cryptocurrency.


Playing duckdice is very simple to play as is any dice game thats online these days. The interface is set up in a neat way with four egg shells representing your roll outcome. The highest multiplier you can bet is 9900x. To win a bet like this you would have to roll under 1 or over 9998. Now before you think this might be impossible let me just clear that up right now and say it's not. In fact many players have hit this mulitplier at Duckdice so you can certainly be the next lucky player to do so. 

duckdice - how to play

So as you can see in the picture on the right you have your four egg shells which display your numbers and under those you have your options which you can adjust for your gameplay.  From left to right these options include "bet amount", "win chance", "payout", and "profit on win". These can be changed at anytime between rolls. The game also comes with a auto-roll features in case you want to play but have to step out of the room or whatever the reason. On the very bottom of the page you can see bets from all players currently online, you can see your previous bets made, bets made by high rollers, and lastly the jackpots previous players have won. Which now leads me to the next topic of discussion, Duckdice Jackpots!


All Duckdice players are eligible to recieve bonuses and win the Duckdice jackpot. There are many different bonuses that are available. Some are offered all year and other bonuses are only availaable during certain times of the year. Aside from the traditional holiday bonuses that players can take advantage of there are also daily bonuses such as the "Duck Hunt." Players can claim this bonus when you randomly see ducks flying across your screen and manage to shoot down at least one duck. You will never know when they will fly over but you must be playing dice in order to play. There is a "Lucky Bet Bonus" where periodically Duckdice will select certain players depending on there bet numbers and will win free coins. 

If a player wants to win the jackpot here then this is what he/she will have to do. While your playing dice, if you happen to roll 4 sevens, thats ' 7777 '  and the last number of that particular bet i.d. ends in seven then you have won the jackpot. In case some are confused, a bet id is a series of numbers associated with a particular roll made by a player  is because it allows anyone to look up and find a particular bet that has been played already. So back to the point, if this bet id ends in seven and you roll four 7's at the same time, you win the jackpot. Piece of Cake!

duckdice help center


IF you are confused about how to play Duckdice or have any questions at all about the game or game's features then just head on over to the help center where you can find answers on so many different topics such as deposits or withdrawals, bonuses, your account, bug bounty, and so on. 

If you can't find the answer your looking for you can ask the community for help or use their live chat and ask a support agent for help. They are always available to help out with any concerns a player might have.

Duckdice also added a new Forum to their website so I recommend any player to go check it out as you can communicate with other players and talk about the Duckdice game or maybe you have some strategies to share. The forum comes with topics in all different languages in case your only fluent on one particular language other than English.

duckdice finances - deposits & withdrawals


If you go to the mean on the top right corner, right next to your avatar picture you will see a tab that says "My Finances." If you go to this page you will see all your cryptocurrency wallets that are assigned to you. Here you can deposit or withdraw the cryptocurrency you wish. This page also displays all the balances you have of each currency.


Currently Duckdice accepts 12 different cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and finally Zcash (ZEC).

All deposits are credited to the players account after one confirmation on the blockchain. 

All withdrawals can be near instant depending on the transaction fee setting the player chooses when they initiate the withdrawal. There will be different choices displayed as to how much of a fee you want to pay and the amount of time it takes to recieve the money.

duckdice built-in exchange


Another great feature at Duckdice is their built-in exchange that is available to all the  players. Currently, Duckdice only allows players to exchange a few of the coins available like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Zcash (ZEC). Once you press exchange you will see a dashboard similar to the picture on the right. You just select the currency you want to swap out and the transaction takes just a few seconds, the whole process is very simple. The cryptocurrency will immediately arrive in your game wallet.

Luckyfish Casino



  • Play with ten(10) cryptocurrencies

  • Fast Withdrawals

  • Free Bitcoin Faucet

  • Chat box with Rain

  • Multiplayer Texas holdem poker


We are going to talk about a fairly new gaming platform called Luckyfish, and let us assure you it is alot of fun playing here. This online casino offers a fantastic assortment of games both classic and original that each player certainly enjoy. Even better, as we were browsing their game selection we noticed something really exciting their player vs player Texas holdem poker tables and that is the players were playing with Dogecoin. This is a brilliant idea because Luckyfish is currently only casino that lets players play Texas holdem poker with doge, but we will talk more about that further in. After playing at this casino many times now with each visit more exciting than the next, you would be crazy not to at least try their platform out, especially the Dogecoin enabled Texas holdem poker or Roulette tables.


Luckyfish casino offers a smaller but still very exciting selection of games that we know any player would love playing. Plus with new games getting added all the time you can count on being entertained. Some of their games available include Classic Dice which is always lots of fun, especially when hitting 99x your bet, players will find an assortment of exciting slots like Little Red Riding Hood and Chinese New Year with five in total currently but more slots are currently being developed. Then there's the smashing Dogecoin enabled Texas hold'em Poker tables which has already become very popular. Last but not least players can enjoy both the Roulette tables, and Video Poker, one of our favorites.

Luckyfish is aslo currently in the process of developing two more new games called Truco which looks like it's going to be lots of fun, and blackjack. So it's a very exciting time for Luckyfish players because with this being a newer casino, players get to be the first to experience all these exciting games and reap the rewards.

luckyfish slots selection

 They as you can see in the picture above, they have five(5) different slots to choose from with many that are currently being developed and new ones that come out regularly. The best part with their slots is the fact that they are all really simple to play and understand which allows for a enjoyable experience.



- RTP (Return To Player): 97.3%

- Min: 0.0000001 BTC

- Max: 0.50 BTC

texas holdem poker


- Dogecoin Only

- No Limit

- Nine(9) seats per table


Two of their most popular games right now are roulette and Texas holdem poker. Both games have unlimited tables so you know there is always room when a new player wants to sit down.  The Roulette tables can be played with any of the ten(10) cryptocurrencies that are accepted at Luckyfish which even includes USDT. Each Roulette table sites six(6) players although as we mentioned before there is always a new table if the current ones are filled. Players can bet as little as one(1) Satoshi and max bet currently sits at .5 bitcoin so yes high rollers are welcome of course. As the casino becomes more popular Im sure those max bet limits will rise. The Roulette tables are classic European style with the ability to bet numbers, lines, corners and so forth, their are no betting limitations which is a great feature.


The Texas holdem poker tables are Dogecoin only which is very exciting in our opinion because this  gives the ability to allow all types of players to play whether your just starting out or your pro.  If your new to the poker tables playing with dogecoin allows the players to risk less while having fun at the same time. Now if your a pro, don't worry because these tables are no limit so you can bet whatever your willing to risk. Each poker table sits nine(9) players and anytime a table fills a new table will begin. So if your the first person on the new table don't worry because the poker tables fill quickly. All the tables display the players emoji which can be a picture of anything he/she wants it to be. You can also chat with the players at any time.  If you fan of Texas holdem poker then you should try out these tables at Luckyfish.


All players can claim free cryptocurrency from the faucets at luckyfish. They are very generous to their players and allow then to claim as much as they want. That's right, there is no limit on how many times a player can claim which is really cool. However just make sure you don't abuse this great feature that way it will always be unlimited. 

free bitcon faucet


Luckyfish does offer customer support 24/7, they are there to help with any issues a player might have so don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one or if you need assistance just send them a message and they will help in any way possible. Wait times are quick and their responses are withing a few minutes usually so you won't have to wait long at all to get the answers your looking for.


Min: 0.003 BTC

Luckyfish players can withdraw there cryptocurrency instantly with their automated withdrawals. This allows players transactions to hit the blockchain immediately with no wait times. This is a extremely great feature to have because there is nothing worse then having to wait for your money. There are ten(10) cryptocurrencies accepted which include: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin cash, Dash, Stellar, Zcash, EOS, and Tether. 



primedice review


  • No Minimum Bet required

  • Free Faucet Claiming available

  • House Edge sits at 1%

  • Manual & Automated Modes

  • Instant Withdrawals

  • Provably Fair & Licensed

U.S. Players are not allowed


Primedice, a bitcoin dice platform that has been around since 2013. It's currently one of the most popular dice games online today, as they state "The undisputed most popular Dice Game". They are right though, the game is tons of fun with great features that come with it.  Primedice is a fully licensed company with the country of Curacao. They are also Approved by the Crypto Gambling Foundation

primedice dashboard


When playing Primedice the rules are very simple. The goal of the game is to predict the outcome of the dice roll by either guessing if the roll will be higher or lower than a specific number between 0 - 100 set by the player. So before you actually start rolling, you will set the bet with a "bet multiplier", the "roll odds" and "high" or "low". So as a example, if a player sets their multiplier to 2.0x, this indicates that there winning rolls will pay out double their original bet.

As another example, lets say the player is now betting 0.001 btc per roll, with a multiplier at 2.0x, they will also either go lower than 49 or higher than 50. So for this example they will go high and rolls a 76. That player just won there bet and doubled there money with a win payout of 0.002 btc. It's that simple. 


Primedice is also Provably Fair, which means you don't have to trust the them, each roll is mathematically fair and can always be verified to be manipulation free. They have a "Verify" tab which users can use to verify the authenticity of each roll. They even have a bet lookup tool to verify any previous rolls you have already completed. 


As you play on their website users will level up and earn achievements with the more wagering they do. So once a player moves up a level, this comes with great benefits like being able to claim a larger faucet.  This will get larger with each level up, now who doesn't like more bitcoin? I do! 



If players have any problems with either the game itself or other issues primedice offers live support. They are always there and are very helpful when issues arise. You just go to the menu and at the bottom you will see "Live Support" and thats it.

Bitsler Dice


bitsler dice review


  • No Minimum Bet required

  • Free Faucet Claiming available

  • House Edge sits at 1%

  • Manual & Automated Modes

  • Instant Withdrawals

  • Provably Fair


Bitsler is a exciting platform for all dice enthusiasts or just people who love to play games, games that you will find at Bitsler such as dice, roulette, multicolor, and cara y cruz. All there games are simple to play and very addictive because their so much fun. They also offer a great faucet which build over time, chat will other like-minded players from across the world, and get rewarded for your achievements and skills. Since Bitsler started back in 2015, they have grown massively with millions of bets placed by their players everyday. So if you haven't tried this game yet then you should head on over because you won't be disappointed. 

Bitsler offers a total of four different that users can play which include dice, roulette, multicolor, and cara-y-cruz. All these games are all very exciting to play while trying to win big money. The graphics, colors and layout are beautiful and simple making the gaming experience enjoyable.

bitsler dice


Bitsler's dice platform is a great game to play on both desktop and your mobile devices. The buttons are placed in user-friendly positions allowing a easy and exciting manner to play on your mobile phone. The rules are very simple to follow as you just input the amount you would like to bet, choose your multiplier and whether you want to guess higher or lower each roll. 

bitsler roulette


Bitsler's roulette platform is another great addition to their lineup, as with any tradition roulette table Bitsler's roulette is not much different. There are 36 spots to where you can place your bets plus the green bonus spot. You just place you bet by placing your chips on the selected numbers and then spin the wheel. With this game you can place bets on all areas of the board such as individual numbers, doubles, triples, quadruples, ect...

bitsler multicolor


Bitsler's Multicolor game can be a little tricky if you haven't played before but is still very simple in a sense. You have a wheel which resembles the wheel of fortune wheel if you are familiar with that from watching it on t.v. The wheel which displays four different colors are all assigned numbers. So when you are placing your bets you will see the same four colors below the wheel as well. This is where you predict which colors you think the wheel will land on. You can place bets on all four colors or just one color.  There is also on assigned section for the "star" which pays higher that any of the other panels however their is only one on the whole wheel so it is more difficult to land on this panel. 

bitsler cara y cruz


With Bitsler's Cara-Y-Cruz Game this is a simple game to follow so don't get intimidated if it looks confusing at first. The rules are simple, you want to predict what the three different symbols will be when they are rolled. Their are a total of four different combo's you can choose from.  You can choose up too 3  maximum during any bet. Similiar to their Multicolor game where you have four colors, this game is displayed in symbols but same concept. All their games come with a instant feature meaning you can put your bets on auto pilot so you don't have to click each bet if you don't want to.


Bitsler is a great gaming platform that everyone should try at least once. I forgot to mention the Jackpots and contests available as well. Just more reasons to head on over if you haven't yet. They have great features that come with it for all their players. You can also chat with other players and share ideas or strategies, send & receive tips, earn achievements and gain higher faucet claims. With the game selection everyone should find at least one of them entertaining. 

Fortunejack Dice


fortunejack dice


  • Play with BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, XMR 

  • Free Faucet Claiming available

  • Instant Withdrawals

  • Chat Room Available

  • No Minimum Deposit

  • Provably Fair and Licensed Casino


Fortune Jack's Dice is certainly a dice platform gamers should try at least once to see if they like it. I won't get into great detail about this game as i already do a througho review on our Top Online Casinos page. I will go through the basics really fast for you.


They have a great interface on desktop with great functionality as well bring a seamless experience. Their mobile website is still being re-created since the relaunch so it isn't ready yet but hopefully soon. You can still play on mobile but it won't be a smooth experience as if it was on desktop. 

There dice consists of a chat box on the left side of the screen and on the right side you can see the jackpot feature which lights up when you start the process of hitting it. To hit the jackpot a player needs hit a series of numbers starting with one and ending in 8. If the last number of the roll's outcome hits in this sequence then you hit a portion of the jackpot depending on the size of your bet. We constantly see players hitting this jackpot so it's certainly not impossible. 


Overall the game is a lot of fun and the black and yellow colors makes gameplay easy on the eyes while the important features stand out which is important. 


BITKONG review


  • Play with seven cryptocurrencies 

  • Free Faucet available - Standard, Happy Weekend, & Funky Hour

  • Magic Chests & Refill Bonuses

  • Cashback program

  • Instant Withdrawals

  • Provably Fair and Licensed Casino


For those who don't know, Bitkong is one of the first Bitcoin games to come online after the Bitcoin blockchain was created back in 2008. The original Bitkong was created just a year later in 2009 and instantly became a smashing success with the crypto community. The simplicity around the game makes it very appealing but also exciting as you try to continuously try to beat your previous score and win huge amounts of crypto. Bitkong is the almighty King, and your goal is to steal his Bitcoin by climbing up the board game, as you climb up your Bitcoin gets multiplied more & more. At the same time, it becomes harder and more risky, as you try to decide whether you should claim what you have earned thus far or keep climbing. But if the Kong gets you as you climb you lose everything you have accumulated during that round. Think of it this way, imagine your climbing up a ladder and with each step you take you get a prize but you have to be careful because the steps could break at any time and you fall to your death losing everything. So you constantly have to ask yourself, is it worth risking it all to get the top prize or do you chicken out and take your squabbling scraps?

Bitkong is a verifiable Provably Fair gaming platform. The prizes are predefined as soon as you press start but nobody knows this result in advance and nobody can manipulate the result. So your luck is the only thing that matters. After each game you can verify its fairness that the game was truly Provably Fair. However you must finish the game first to reveal the hash seed. This new version comes with many new features that wasn't present before with the original game. It is still in beta mode but have no fear as the game runs smooth and without issue. You can of course still play the original Bitkong here if you choose.

One of the most notable new features on Bitkong are the new bonus features. There are several new ways to earn even more Bitcoin with features like Jackpots, Leaderboard, Cashback, Magic Chest, Refill, and of course their Free Faucet.

Jackpot: Now you will find a Jackpot on Bitkong which allows players to win a certain percentage if they fill the requirements. The amount you win depends on the size of your bet. BTW, Bitkong is using a points system instead of Bitcoin amounts so for instance, one(1) point = .00000099 btc. So to win 1% of the total jackpot, the player needs to bet at least 50 points or .00004950 btc. To win 100% of the jackpot, the player must bet at least 5,000 points or .00495 btc. Lastly if you meet those requirements, to win the Jackpot: the first seven signs of the bet’s first row hash must be seven (77 77 77 7). That bet must be a winning bet (losing bet can’t win Jackpot).

Leaderboard: there is now a daily, weekly, & monthly leaderboard which displays all the players that have won the most points. If you make it on the top 10 of the list you win a share of the leaderboard prize pool. To give reference, today the first place player on the daily leaderboard won 212 points or .000209 btc. The weekly & monthly leaderboard prizes are much bigger. First place on the monthly leaderboard is already over 10k points or .0099 btc. The prize pool continues to grow with each bet. 

Cashback: Cashback is calculated from every bet and added to the players account every 24 hours at 00:00 GMT. Cashback is accrued in Credits (points). Size of Cashback depends on Ranks. Thanks are earned by how much a player wagers. If a player has wager 1,000,000 points he is considered a Hero. If they wager 10,000,000 points they are a Master. This continues the more he or she plays. So a Hero will earn .03% Cashback where as a Master will earn .08% Cashback. 

Magic Chest: the magic Chest feature is really cool. The exact number of Credits (points) in Magic Chest is determined randomly. Unlimited number of Magic Chests can be obtained. Credits become available in 3-10 days. In order to get a magic Chest all you need to do is play, that it. There are three(3) tiers of chests(w/prizes) that can be won. These include Silver (100 - 10,000 points), Gold (1k - 100k points), and Black (10k - 1M points). Any player will receive these chest any time you wager an amount over 1 million, 10 million & 100 million respectively.

Refills: you can think of refills as deposit bonuses at a typical casino. Refill bonuses come with wager requirements. So for example if you want a 50% refill, you deposit will have an extra 50% added to it with a wager requirement of 30x over. Winnings can be withdrawn if wager requirement is met. Wager requirement refers to amount used for Refill and the bonus amount together. Refill bonus can’t be cancelled so make sure you really want to use this type of bonus before you activate it. You can also get a 100% & 150% refill as well. 


Free Faucet: Bitkong has always offered a generous faucet, so why should it change now. There are three tiers of faucets that Bitkong offers. They gave the Standard which can be claimed every 10 minutes and gives the player one(1) credit (point). Then they also have Happy Weekend (claim every 5 minutes) and Funky Hour (claim every 3 minutes) which pays 2 & 4 credits (points) respectively.

Bitkong now accepts more cryptocurrency options plus Fiat options as well. With this upgrade, players can choose to deposit or withdraw seven (7) cryptocurrencies and thirty (30) fiat pairs. This puts Bitkong on a whole new level and makes it even more enticing. Players can play with bitcoin, Litecoin, dash, dogecoin, ethereum and many more. With the new Bitkong redesign, gameplay has never been this much fun. There are so many great new features that every player can have a blast while winning lots of money. You must test & challenge yourself and beat the king by climbing to the top of the mountain. If you can achieve this, then there just might be a new King of the jungle. So don't wait any longer and head on over to start playing.

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