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Cloud Mining is a popular choice with crypto enthusiasts if they want to mine cryptocurrency but don't have the proper equipment to do so at their own home. This service enables anyone interested to buy a mining contract for a set amount of time, usually a couple years, and in return the company mines the coin of choice with the pre-bought hash power and sends daily payments to the users wallet.


This type of service is a great alternative investment  for those who believe the value of cryptocurrency will rise over time. If the prices does rise the person can make a great profit ranging from 60% - 1000%.

Below you can review different mining companies and decide which one best fits your needs. Each company has been in business for a few years now and are among the most popular cloud mining providers in the industry.

Nuvoo Mining



nuvoo mining review


  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zcash Mining contracts available

  • Best rates available online

  • Hydro-electric mining farms

  • Discounts regularly


Nuvoo Mining brings a whole new meaning to cloud mining with their awesome Hydro-powered Mining farms located in Canada since 2016. The reason they host their mining farms in Canada is because of how much cheaper Hydro-power produces which results in a much more cost effective solution for their users. 

 Nuvoo's motto, "Always listening to our clients of our community. We studied cryptocurrencies and formed a team of experts to lead this project with success. Nuvoo's philosophy is to enroll the best leaders in the cryptocurrency industry and have them available to the community."

Nuvoo offers you a smart and easy way to take your first step into cloud mining, their bitcoin mining platform is ideal for beginners.

Nuvoo Cloudmining White Label Solution


Nuvoo also offers a brilliant white label solution for those who are interested. They offer anywhere from 1-Megawatt farms which comes with 700 ASICS to 15-Megawatts farms which comes with over 10,000 ASICS.


The white label package comes with a complete ERP online solution which allows you to set your own prices, hashrate flow, mining pools, and promotions. The package also comes with technical assistance whenever needed. This turnkey solution makes it simple with ready to go farms ready to hash away.

Nuvoo mining features


If your already a experts or a large-scale entrepreneur, Nuvoo offers  one unit farms to multiple tier-1 Home Dedicated Mining Farms. Their contracts offer competitive pricing and have multiple choices so anyone can find the right contract for their needs. They also offer phone support if you have any questions or need help with a issue. This company is taking charge in the cloud mining industry and certainly worth checking out.


HASHFLARE - Inluded Features


hashflare review


  • Available Currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash

  • Daily Payouts | Instant Withdrawals

  • Pool Allocation 

  • No Hidden Fee's

  • Detailed Statistics | Real-TIme Monitoring


Hashflare is one of the largest cloud-mining companies available and they provide great long-term investments with their cloudmining contracts. We certainly recommend users to use either Hashflare or the other companies on this page because this type of market can bring in a lot of scam sites pretending to be a cloud-mining providers when really they are nothing but Ponzi schemes. These fake companies will promising to make you all kinds of money in a short time and its all crap. 

Let's talk about Hashflare, this company started in 2015 created by the company known as Hashcoins and in a short time became one of the largest providers in cloudmining, currently serving over 2.5 million users.

Hashflare cloudmining prices


Now Hashflare offers a different approach in terms of pricing model for their cloudmining contracts and it's actually a great idea how it's laid out. What makes it great is the fact that you can start off with a smaller initial investment if your funds are low to begin with.


Hashflare allows you to buy cloudmining contracts starting as low as $0.60 per 10 G/H's and the best part is there is always a chance to can add more hash power whenever needed. This website is a great mining platform for both users that are just starting out and/or the advanced user.  You  will want to figure out what the best or most profitable currency is to start mining so you should do some research on mining difficulties to figure out which is best. Hashflare also provides mining calculators and statistics so you can see exactly what you will make with your desired hash power before you make any purchases.


We recommend to try one of each and see what performs the best because the fact is mining difficulties fluctuate every day, so if one coin is more profitable today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. Please don't waste time because as the prices for the currencies continue to grow you are losing out of money you could have potentially made.

Hashflare mining features
Genesis Mining

GENESIS MINING - Official Trailer


genesis mining review


  • Available Currencies: Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash

  • GM Radiant Technology

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Daily Payouts | Withdrawals made after threshold requirements per currency


Genesis-mining is currently the largest cloud-mining company currently available online offering many exciting mining contract options to choose from such as BitcoinDash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Zcash. They recently added their newest mining technology called Radiant GM to their bitcoin contracts.

Genesis mining is a very popular cloud mining company with headquarters in both Sweden and Iceland. Whats so great about buying a cloud mining contract is the fact that your investment can become quite large with the rapid growth of each coin's price rising so fast. Typically you make your initial investment back within 5 months however with surge in each coin's market cap you can make your investment back in a month or two which is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.


The minimum contract is roughly $28.00 and thats for a Litecoin contract. As for Bitcoin, their minimum contract amount is $50.00 although that can change from time to time and the max contract goes all the way up too $7,650. Genesis does not play around when it comes to mining and you can feel confident that your money is well spent. There are plenty of video's online showing how their mining farms operate and give you a look inside their warehouses. It's pretty impressive as to what they have accomplished so far. The only downside is the bitcoin contracts get sold out often so you have to be ready to buy when there available again.

High-End Mining Hardware - GM Radiant Technolgy


The company also constantly needs to upgrade their machines to adapt with the mining difficulty. There latest upgrades include " GM Radiant Technology- The highest performing mining equipment that exists". This technology was created in-house and is much more efficient and is able to scale when needed. As a result, this technology brings in more return for the customer while also bringing down cost for both the customer and company.



minergate review


  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zcash Mining contracts available

  • Best rates available online

  • Hydro-electric mining farms

  • Discounts regularly


Minergate is a popular website which offers a few different services like pool mining, allowing users to mine with their own hardware, and cloud mining. Minergate was created in 2014 by a group of crypto enthusiasts.


What makes Minergate unique is the simplicity to use there services when you are just starting out and unfamiliar with mining altogether. Their dashboard is very easy to understand when users want to start mining with their own hardware. Anyone can find step by step instructions on how to set up and get started with Minergate, it's really just downloaded  their program. Piece of cake.

They do provide a brilliant interface on desktop and mobile app that displays all the mineable coins your hardware achieve along with how much hashing power it being produced. So what's really cool is if your not at home you can open the Minergate app and see what coins you are mining and the hashing speed with other statistical information.


Minergate offer many different cryptocurrencies to choose from when you want t o mine with your own hardware, whether it's basic CPU's or more advanced GPU's. The coins currently available are: bitcoin, pretty much all Crypto-Night related currencies - Monero or Bytecoin, you can also mine ethereum, litecoin, Zcash many more.


Typically the altcoins using Crypto-Night algorithms are the easiest and more profitable coins to mine when using CPU's and GPU's. Now If you want to mine a coin such as Bitcoin, you would then need much more advanced mining machines called ASICS. This is because the mining difficulty associated with bitcoin is very high and only gets harder as time goes on.


pool MINING/solo mining


nicehash review


  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zcash Mining contracts available

  • Best rates available online

  • Hydro-electric mining farms

  • Discounts regularly


Nicehash is a really neat platform because you can do a couple different things with them when it comes to mining and creating a marketplace for hash power.


Now you can start mining with your own hardware if you have the setup, whether it's solo mining (by yourself) or with a pool of miners where you put your hash power together and split the money up.

Another option is you can also rent out your hash power to other users who will buy it. As a buyer their could be various reasons why you would do this, maybe you don't have mining equipment and would like to get involved.


Buying the hash power is a good way to get familiar with how it works. Another reason could be you what to mine a different coin then what your hardware is set up for. Either way, Nicehash has created a marketplace to make it as simple as possible. The idea is brilliant and it has worked out very well for them.


Verium - The Reserve


  • CPU Mineable cryptocurrency

  • Mining Pools Available

  • Available on popular exchanges

  • Extremely Low Transaction Fee's


Verium is another altcoin which was created to be a binary chain. Meaning it can work and communicate with another coin working together. Veriums counterpart is called Vericoin.

With Verium, you can CPU Mine the altcoin and with Vericoin you stake it meaning hold it in your wallet and earn interest. Now Verium is the only altcoin which you can mine with CPU and is totally resistant against GPU Mining. This is great for the little guys who don't have the equipment to mine bigger coins or has a whole GPU mining farm setup. So for anyone who wants to mine with CPU's then this is the currency you want to choose as any other crypto available is to difficult to CPU mine.  

The VRM Mining pool is recommended for smaller miners usually under 2 K/H, but this platform is very reliable and fees are minor compared to others.

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